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Inspired by Keys

Fashion week just finished, and I must say that it is a business, but it has less to do with it’s customers than it does with a select few who want to dictate what we wear. But to be honest, do we really wear what those shows display, no we don’t. What I like about blogs is that I can get a glimpse into other people’s wardrobe. Their choices inspire me and I want to incorporate some of it and make them my own.

Lately, I am in love with keys. It all started with this post from the blog WishWishWish, Carrie is such a cute girl with a distinctive vintage style. One of the elements of her style that I completely adored was the key. This is what first drew me to the key.

WishWishWish Key Chain

But keys seemed to keep popping up everywhere. Even in the home, as delicately displayed on Design*Sponge

Design*Sponge Loose Keys

A few examples of keys in home design by Design*Sponge

And so I have been in search of something from the key genre that would fit my heart. I found the following:

Simple Key Necklace and Link Chain

My Simple Key Necklace and Link Chain Find

I have yet to purchase the key and lock duo from Etsy. But in the meantime I found one at Kohl’s. I love it, it’s sterling Silver and not hollow, I may take off the chain and use a black leather cord to give it some character, but I am not sure. Now, I got it on sale, and knowing Kohl’s it will go on sale again. I also found the link chain at T.J. Maxx. I love a good deal.

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I think one of life’s great pleasures is to travel, to meet the world, to eat the world. We should be open to trying everything, you may not like it all, but you probably will at least like some. And during your food journey you will learn a lot about yourself, and hopefully your sense of adventure will help to broaden your tolerance level. Even if you can’t afford to travel, try new cuisines locally and indulge your visual senses with travel videos.

You may not be like the taste of Le Thi Tan’s O-Mai, but her story does give it some appeal. Funny side note, the informal way of saying tasty in Japanese is “O Mai.”

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A lot of us are looking for easy to make healthy dishes. Even though beef isn’t necessarily the healthiest option, it is a good source of protein. I make this dish, but skip the egg. If you can’t find mirin, it’s just sake with some sugar in it. It’s better than Yoshinoyas. Adjust to taste (sometimes I put in Ginger). It’s yummy or as you would say in Japanese, oishi.


你吃了吗? Have you eaten already?

A Cup of Tea

Chinese New Year has just passed and thoughts of dim sum past dance in my head. I have begun to think about the of importance of food in every culture. For example, in Chinese cultures it plays a great role. Instead of the western salutation of “hello,” the Chinese will greet a close relation with the question of, “have you eaten?” Which will most likely lead to some sort of feeding.  For me, when I go out with friends we will be eating at least once. When we have pot of tea, we pour for one another. I know this is common in Asian cultures, but I wonder what role(s) food plays in other cultures.

When you pick up a magazine or listen to the news the negative relationships forged seems pervasive. What I have gathered is that sometimes people have poor relationship with food, it consists of dieting and/or overeating.  I think in it’s own way our relationship with food can also tell us about our relationship with ourselves, which in turn has relevance to our relationships with family and friends. Food much like our friends, family and ourselves needs to be valued and cherished, not overindulged and not taken for granted. I think like most Chinese I don’t eat to live, I live to eat, and I love doing that with family and friends. Doesn’t it all come full circle?

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Under Lock and Key…

Stainless Steel Key Necklace from Untamed Menagerie's Shop

Petit Secret Necklace

Petit Secret Necklace from Untamed Menagerie's Etsy Shop


I love a good find. I saw a ring from this designer on Lillichantilly’s blog and thought now that’s just unique. I went to Untamed Menagerie’s Etsy shop and fell in love with so many pieces. I am thinking of acquiring the above. If you click on the pictures it will take you to the item. One word of advice, there is about an estimated three week delay as a lot of other shoppers have found this “Mother and Daughter” dynamic design duo (sounded like a batman thing to say). Happy shopping.