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Inspired by Keys


Fashion week just finished, and I must say that it is a business, but it has less to do with it’s customers than it does with a select few who want to dictate what we wear. But to be honest, do we really wear what those shows display, no we don’t. What I like about blogs is that I can get a glimpse into other people’s wardrobe. Their choices inspire me and I want to incorporate some of it and make them my own.

Lately, I am in love with keys. It all started with this post from the blog WishWishWish, Carrie is such a cute girl with a distinctive vintage style. One of the elements of her style that I completely adored was the key. This is what first drew me to the key.

WishWishWish Key Chain

But keys seemed to keep popping up everywhere. Even in the home, as delicately displayed on Design*Sponge

Design*Sponge Loose Keys

A few examples of keys in home design by Design*Sponge

And so I have been in search of something from the key genre that would fit my heart. I found the following:

Simple Key Necklace and Link Chain

My Simple Key Necklace and Link Chain Find

I have yet to purchase the key and lock duo from Etsy. But in the meantime I found one at Kohl’s. I love it, it’s sterling Silver and not hollow, I may take off the chain and use a black leather cord to give it some character, but I am not sure. Now, I got it on sale, and knowing Kohl’s it will go on sale again. I also found the link chain at T.J. Maxx. I love a good deal.

4 thoughts on “Inspired by Keys

  1. I am also loving the key trend. If you want to add some to your house, check out this post from YoungHouseLove… http://www.younghouselove.com/2008/02/the-frame-game/

  2. I love it, it gives meaning to your art.

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