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In Search of….Headphones

I’ve never been one who loved the ear buds. I find the ones that come with the iPods unusable. So I bought one of those in ear cushiony ones from Sony. And while it’s OK, I’ve been thinking maybe the over the ear ones are better. So I’ve been on the hunt.

I really like the retro ones, you know the one that look like their from the eighties or seventies. But I also want it to be good quality, comfortable, and light enough. I remember as a kid my family had these GINORMOUS headphones, my puny kid head looked so ridiculous with them on. On normal grown folk it sort of looked like Princess Lei’s cinnamon bun at the side of her head.

Now, I’m still hunting, but I’ve seen a few that have peaked my interest. Sorry that the photos are all different sized, I borrowed them from the sites, when you click on them they take you to the website.

Thecolor on this Eskuche Control CPU makes me think of Vespa...ooooohhhh Vespa!!!!!!!!!!!!



This Panasonic Old School Monitor Pink makes me think Hello Kitty

And you know I had to put the divine Miss Hello Kitty herself.

I threw her in for good measure. Even though she really doesn’t fit in with the other fellas. But I’ve been checking out Urban Outfitters and looking at CNET and other places for reviews. The search continues.