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My best fashion years may have been when I was five…

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I really do love fashion. Ever since I was a little tyke. I loved to get new clothes and spin around in my pretty dresses. But as I got older, my attention to fashion has taken a back seat at times. I came across this post by the glamorai and recalled this white fur coat I had as a five year old. I remember how nice and fluffy it was. I didn’t think about what it was made of, I just thought of how my prettier it was than my blue down puffer coat from LL Bean. I then longed for another fur coat, maybe not real fur, because I now understand what that means, but just the look of it is nice. Although faux fur may not be so great, if that’s the case then I guess I may have to leave the fur coat as fun little memory from the days of being  five.

Right now it feels like it’s time to enjoy life,and bring back a bit of fun into my wardrobe. I’ve already started with some mini sale sprees from J. Crew.  And while I’ve got to be good with my money, I choose to take as a challenge to be creative. I guess my new Moto will go something like “Style Innovative Evolution.” Hmmm……

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