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Me vs. Yoga….


Yoga has been one of those things that in theory I would love, but in practice our relationship is quite strained.  As a kid in L.A. I recall that yoga was quite popular, almost to the point of being pervasive. So I got it in my head that one day I would try it. It took a while, but one semester while going for my undergrad I signed up for a course. It was actually a last-minute thing, as I was registering late and was looking for open classes that would fit with my schedule and seemed to be something I’d need. So I show up, and find out it was not open, but I could be wait listed.

I change and come out to the gym floor bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And out comes the teacher and class begins. Now, it’s been so long since this first encounter (years I tell you, years) that I don’t recall if there was music, but I wan to say yes. She took us through a series of basic stretches. When I was in junior high, I was limber like a wet noodle. So a pretty bendy little lass I was, notice the use of the word was. I remember coming out of that class thinking, how uncoordinated I had become. If you looked at a split screen of the instructor and myself, you would have thought I was in another class. The more I thought about it, the more self-conscious I became. So I decided it wasn’t worth it and took another general education class instead. Yoga 1 D 0.

But the idea of yoga had not left me, so after I graduated I noticed that Oprah had a show called Exhale. I watched it every morning before going to work. I thought that I would somehow be able to integrate it into my morning, but that never happened. Yoga 2 D 0.

Last year I volunteered at a Senior Facility, and my job was to teach an exercise class. We had tapes, in an attempt to keep interesting I tried to use a variety of tapes. One of which was a Yoga video. I actually liked it, kind of sad that it was designed for senior citizens, but I’ll take what I can get. But alas the girls didn’t care for it. So back to sit and be fit we went. Yoga 2 D 1 (I’m taking this point I tell you!!)

But I liked the class so much and I found a Hulu yoga class online so I bought myself a mat, a pink mat. I haven’t been really good about it, but since I haven’t given up, the game is ongoing, at least in my mind it is. So hopefully I can somehow tie with it.

4 thoughts on “Me vs. Yoga….

  1. Yoga is unlike any other type of exercise. You’ll be sore in places you wouldn’t normally be if you went to the gym. I love it!

    • It really is, I think once you get used to you’ll be addicted. I think it’s supposed to lengthen your muscles, rather than bulk them up.


  2. Don’t give up Danielle, make that Yoga 2, D 2!! You have hope, at least you can bend 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement Tien 🙂 I will keep at it. I have this one yoga class from itunes for nights, and it’s really relaxing.


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