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Dear John letter for my iPod…


Dear iPod,

This was a letter I was hoping that I would never had to write. When we first met, oh how I loved you. You were beautiful, blue, and “Mini”.  Remember how I bought you those speakers, the hours of sheer pleasure we enjoyed just listening to music together. I even endured those funny little earphones that didn’t fit, because I thought it was love.

Then you said let’s go to the movies together. We became so comfortable that a nice evening in could just be relaxing and watching some TV. It was all so nice. You were just such a “Classic.”

I was delighted when we moved forward and you said let’s get online. At first I wasn’t sure how it would be, but now, being online with you has become part of my routine. It feel like you (i)”Touch” every part of my day.

But I feel like our relationship has hit it’s plateau. I have a couple of issues with you. One you’ve become sluggish, it just feels like I ask you to do little things online that now take you forever to do. And two while, I know you are a “Classic”, that shouldn’t mean that you have to have vertical lines running across you. I feel like I’ve invested so much in you, and while you gave me a good year and a half, I guess I was just hoping for more.

So maybe we should spend some time apart, see other gadgets. Maybe I’ll learn to appreciate you again, or maybe it will make me realize that we are truly over.

Good luck with iPad 2


6 thoughts on “Dear John letter for my iPod…

  1. This letter is too cute…..lol!! Well, I just have to ask: Are you sure it’s not because of “someone” else….?

  2. LOL! Awesome. I have a love/hate relationship with my ipod. I’ve been through 5. I dropped one in a pool, I left one on a beach. Yea, I’m not good with the ipod, but I’d be lost without him at the gym!! Did you ever end up getting new heaphones?

    • Tell me about it, I dropped mine and it got a line through it. When I went to the Apple store they said it would be $179 bucks to fix it. I’m addicted to the iTouch, I think it’s ruined a good nights sleep for me. I haven’t gotten the headphones. They had Skullcandies at Hautelook but sold out of the one over ears style. So I am still on the hunt.

  3. This is hilarious. What a great post. LOL! So true and too funny.

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