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School is in session…


So I’ve been thinking of getting chalkboard paint. For some reason I thought that may be a fun thing to decorate everyday items with. I wonder what I would do with it though.

Click here for Benjamin Moore's tips.

It just looks so interesting, the only thing is I think you would always be looking for chalk to leave a message. Also I wonder if it makes that weird noise that everyone hates. Stella Interior’s blog has a couple of pictures of what she did with the paint. The picture below is just one of the two.

Click to go to Stella Interior's Blog

I was thinking of painting a few planters, it may make an interesting basket for a gift or maybe a creative way of serving deserts or items on skewers. When you put them out you can write the name of the item and maybe the ingredients in case anyone is allergic. Just a thought. What would you do?

6 thoughts on “School is in session…

  1. Wow, I am loving all these unique home deco ideas you and Mindy are sharing…! Sorry, I’ve got nothing ‘cos I have zero imagination…. I like the blackboard shopping list though….maybe a smaller version?

  2. I am so happy that you love our ideas. For me, I get inspired by things I see around me and on other blogs, it’s all about sharing. There’s so much we can do. Maybe for a dinner party you can coat a small card sized acrylic board and place in frames and use them as place cards. The details make everything so special. Like your friends cupcakes, I’m still thinking about them.

  3. Oh yeah! A girl after my own heart! Chalkboard paint is on my to do list. I love it for in the kitchen. I’m thinking grocery list, upcoming events, love letters…I’ll be posting about that soon 😉

  4. Hi! Found a good use of chalkboard paint today on Design*Sponge while poking around, and thought of this post. The AHA use? The back of the front door! If you are getting one or two out to school in the morning, then at least they won’t forget their homework, right?

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