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Gardening with Grandma


One Who Plants A Garden Plants Happiness

My Grandmother was a beautiful and shrewd woman with a kind manner. She was remarkable and wonderful and I miss her immensely. And to remember her is to remember her love of gardening. Ever since I was a young girl I could remember that my Grandmother, whom we shall refer to as her proper title Granny from now on, had a garden. Whenever I would go over and the season permitted she would take me in back to show me the progress her little green friends have made. There were strawberries, cucumbers, peas, eggplants, chives, and all sorts of other goodies. She would get this sweet gleam in her eyes and she showed me the small fruits as they began to bud. My Granny did so love those little buds and nurtured them with a great deal of care. She used to say that she was growing strawberries and cucumbers for me since I loved them so much. It made me feel so special and loved.

My Mom and Aunts also like to grow plants, and the plants do thrive under them. Regrettable, my thumb is not quite as green. My friends have given me rose plants and other potted flower plants, but sadly they were not long for this world. I then decided to try and grow a basil plant that I bought from Trader Joe’s but he is no longer with us either. Last year I bought this mini basil kit at Target…I opened it, and then went on to something else. I’ve since lost the seeds and the little soil packet and tiny plastic pot now reside in a futile manner on my night stand. They look at me sadly when I reach over to turn off the light, I imagine if they had little heads they would be shaking them at me. What I am hoping is that if I keep trying I will be able to grow something and maintain it. I’m thinking maybe I should start small, like a Chia pet.

The Chia puppy may take care of my gardening and pet needs...maybe not...

4 thoughts on “Gardening with Grandma

  1. You are so adorable šŸ™‚ I actually bought the basil, parsley, & rosemary from Tar-jay! LOL! I have yet to get those suckers up & running. I’m starting my first real garden in a few weeks! Stay tuned for that experiment. LOL!

    • Haha thanks Minday. I bet you’re garden does well. I’m thinking of getting that Chia herb garden. I would like to have some sort of windowsill herb garden. Oh you should try tomatoes. They are really hardy and easy to grow. They grow without you even wanting them to grow.

  2. Awwww…… Yes, start small. Try planting a small onion in a little pot for example. Keep it near your kitchen window at a sunny spot and water it everyday – low maintenance. You’ll be sxcited to see the first sprouts of spring onions šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Tien, that’s a good idea. I was thinking maybe a garlic or a chive or something. Something rugged enough to even withstand me. I don’t know if you remember growing those science experiment potatoes in school. Maybe I should try with one of those. You’re right, the first sprouts are an exciting moment. I can’t wait.

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