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Wherever you can help Japan would be great…


I couldn’t put this better than youtuber MANWOMANFILM

If anyone was interested in donating, but was not sure how, you could go through the Red Cross. Either click on the link and press the donate button or text REDCROSS to 90999. In all honesty, I have my issues with the politics of the Red Cross, but at this time it’s the only “legitimate” organization set up. In addition to the Red Cross, Lady Gaga (I got this link through her website) is selling bracelets to fund relief support. If you know of any other organizations which you trust, please let me know. Lastly, if you can’t donate but want to repost this information or other information which will help with relief efforts that is great too.

2 thoughts on “Wherever you can help Japan would be great…

  1. This was a horrible disaster. I was crying when it happened. My cousin and his wife are in Japan. Thankfully they weren’t hurt. It’s very real and really scary. The pictures online are so disturbing.

    • I know it’s terrible, we’ve had earthquakes, but not three minutes long and not as strong. The damages seem so horrible, that you wonder how long it’s going to take to rebuild. And they’re super prepared, it could have been worse. That thought is even more disturbing.

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