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In search of…the perfect eye combo…


OK, so this is a frivolous post about eyelashes. We all want long lush lashes with a defined curl, but few of us are born with them. So like most women I have gone on mascara quests for the one, knowing that once I find it they may discontinue it, but such is the life of a make up lover. But it’s not just the mascara, you also have to have a great eyelash curler. Now I’ve had the famed Shu Uemera, before it was so famous to all, and even before L’oreal bought the company. It was fantastic, but not perfection. I’ve also used the U. S. Shiseido curler as well as the Japanese one. And a few other Japanese brands as well. And while I like the Koji Curved Eyelash Curler I honestly don’t curl my lashes enough to justify purchasing them. You know I like the look, but really it’s about the mascara. Now here’s the tough bit, I don’t have a mascara I love. I use them and they make my lashes look nice, but not one of the bazillion mascaras I’ve had have made me think this is the brand.

I have a theory behind it. Since mascara is a quick use brand, three months and you gotta toss, I can’t justify the expense of Chanel (which I wasn’t as impressed with). I have used the much ballyhooed Cover Girl Lash Blast, and it was nice, I don’t get why it’s so talked about. I like the samples, I think sample size is perfect. But now I have so many I can’t recall which ones were winners and which were not. So I guess this post is my round about way of asking for opinions. What mascara/curler combo do you use and love? All advice and stories welcomed!!!!

6 thoughts on “In search of…the perfect eye combo…

  1. Thanks for writing this post. This was really helpful. Maybe it’s takes lots of experimenting to find “the one”

  2. I am a mascara whore. I’ve tried it all. I like the drug store brand. L’Oreal voluminous in carbon black has been my favorite for about 2 years and can’t see myself switching unless they **GASP** discontinue it (I’ll die. Seriously.)

    I wasn’t impressed with lashblast or even the Dior show. Clinique’s high impact was good, but nowhere near the L’Oreal.

    Here’s my makeup love letter:

    I have issues. I know.

    • Oh Mindy, the more I get to know you, the more I think we’re some sort of twins. I am a total make-up whore too. I told the MA at MAC that and she cracked up so hard. And I really like the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, I don’t think they’d discontinue it, it’s so popular.

      There are so many I’ve tried and not been as impressed with. Your Make-up Love Letter is hysterical. Maybe it is that we have the same issues. I’m OK with that 🙂 D

  3. I love mascara too, it’s like essential! I love those with fibre thingy to add on volume and length because I am Asian, I have short droopy eyelashes (fml!) I love the Fiberwig mascara. It doesn’t clump and the fibre really adds serious length 😉

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