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Chickens are for Roasting…

I was just thinking that I spent the whole day fantasizing about desert and I forget about dinner.  I am toying with the idea of roasting a chicken. It is a quick and healthy way of getting food on the table. My plan of action is this:

  1. Get myself a roaster, can’t have roasted chicken without the chicken.
  2. Season the body with a little salt and pepper. I also like to detach the skin and add some butter mixed with garlic under the skin.
  3. Season the inside and throw in a few smashed garlics (but I love garlic, so it may be more than a few),  shove some onion in, and maybe some lemon wedges.
  4. Create a mirepoix (fancy French word for onions, carrots, and celery). I like baby carrots, slices of onions, and chopped celery. Lay them down as a bed on your roasting pan (I like to line with aluminum foil if I am using a roasting pan, if I am using a dutch oven then I just pop it in there)
  5. Put the chicken on top of the mirepoix, tie the legs and tuck the wings under and drizzle with olive. Put into a preheated oven 450F (make sure that you have a oven thermometer just to check if your oven is calibrated correctly) and depending on the weight of your chicken, roast for about a 1 hour.  I like to check for doneness (I don’t think doneness is really a word, but it sounded right and you knew what I meant, right?) with a meat thermometer in the leg of the chicken, the breast cooks a lot faster, but will be dry if you overcook the chicken. Let your meat rest before you carve and serve, it will retain the juices better.

I also like Ina’s version, and really you can do whatever you please. Add some other spices, cut down on the butter and oil. It’s your chicken, make of it what you will. If you want to make it more of a meal, go ahead and add some quartered red potatoes and through some salt and pepper on them.



And The Pastry Chef Gets a Standing Ovation (via cookiebytes)

I have been thinking about this gorgeous little work of art all day long. Now, while I am to apprehensive to try this out at home, I would have loved to be at that dinner to try it out. I really do love when sweets are divine, don’t you?

And The Pastry Chef Gets a Standing Ovation As most of you now know, I am the Pastry Chef at the Oregon Golf Club; a private country club nestled on top of a hill in West Linn, Oregon.  Every year, the club hosts the American Golf Corporation's sales meeting.  Today was the first of a two-day event, but also the biggest of the two days, where the kitchen staff brings the big guns out to deliver a plated dinner for all the meeting attendees.  Tonight, I of course, made the dessert.  DUH!! L … Read More

via cookiebytes