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And The Pastry Chef Gets a Standing Ovation (via cookiebytes)


I have been thinking about this gorgeous little work of art all day long. Now, while I am to apprehensive to try this out at home, I would have loved to be at that dinner to try it out. I really do love when sweets are divine, don’t you?

And The Pastry Chef Gets a Standing Ovation As most of you now know, I am the Pastry Chef at the Oregon Golf Club; a private country club nestled on top of a hill in West Linn, Oregon.  Every year, the club hosts the American Golf Corporation's sales meeting.  Today was the first of a two-day event, but also the biggest of the two days, where the kitchen staff brings the big guns out to deliver a plated dinner for all the meeting attendees.  Tonight, I of course, made the dessert.  DUH!! L … Read More

via cookiebytes

2 thoughts on “And The Pastry Chef Gets a Standing Ovation (via cookiebytes)

  1. D….Thank you so very much for reposting. I was estatic when I got the standing ovation last night. I mean, how often does the pastry chef get recognized. And, yes, I dream about several desserts myself and salivate. Then the lightbulb goes off and I start creating. This particular dessert, I created during my internship several years ago. It was such a great hit, a year after I left my internship, the pastry chef I worked under, called me and asked for the recipe. He said I was going places. Back then I appreciated the support and now, I actually believe his words. :0)

    • You really are, you can really see the quality of your work. You can tell that you love what you do, and that you do it well. I’m so happy that you were shown how much you were appreciated, it doesn’t happen as often as it should. I just can’t wait to see more of your fantastic creations. I just wish Los Angeles was closer to Oregon.

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