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Friendship in times of despair…

We have seen and heard of the terrible losses suffered and devastation that occurred in Japan. The people of Japan are doing what they can to cope, to find a way to survive. In such catastrophic events people tend to strip away the social norms and go back to the basic needs. Humans need food and water, we need some sort of shelter, we need to feel safe, and we need to be clothed.  With this disaster the boundaries that were erected have been torn down, they are no longer important, the basics become critical and no one can be neglected.

The care for a stranger who is in need is one of the best qualities of humanity. If someone is in need and you are in a position to help them, that you do. If a friend is hurt, you care for them. You do not abandon them, you comfort them, and try to help in any possible way. This noble aspect of one’s character is both inspiring and touching. It is also not reserved solely for human, but can be found in the animal kingdom also. A Fuji TV reporter found two dogs in living in the rubble of Sendai. One dog was injured and his friend refused to leave him. Both dogs have been taken in to be treated by vets.

Normally a story of two dogs survival wouldn’t make international news, but their survival is a miracle. I think after so much death and destruction we are all looking for some bits of good to peek out, anything really. In a small way these sort of stories help to provide some sort of comfort.

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