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From the time I was little food was one of the things played an important part in my relationships. I loved the time our family spent in the kitchen. To me you can show your feelings through food. So it must be no surprise that I loved cookbooks. I have a few that hold a special place in my heart, here are three:


Baking with Julia (click to buy from Barnes and Noble)


Julia Child was an extraordinary woman. She has authored so many wonderful cookbooks that it is hard to choose a favorite. But for this list I choose Baking with Julia, she enlists many talented bakers to contribute their favorite recipes. The result is an interesting array of breads and tasty pastries. I know mine is has flour on quite a few pages, as well as reminders of chocolate and marzipan (I love marzipan).


The Cake Bible (click on image to view in Barnes and Noble site)


Now this book is a classic. When I was just learning to bake I used this book to help answer so many questions I had.


Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art (click on image to take you to Barnes and Noble Site)


I bought this because I was interested in trying to make simple healthier dishes. I like it as it can serve as a good guide through the intricate world of Japanese ingredients. I’m still trying to get my pickled daikon right.

But another great learning tool for me has been videos. I love cooking shows, and food shows, and more recently youtube videos. One youtube channel I follow is foodwishes.  Chef John is a little bit snarky, but if you can get past it, he has a lot of interesting recipes. I can’t say that all of them were a win for me, but they gave me new ideas too.

Anyone have any other cooking references to add? I’m sure there are a ton out there.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Reading…

  1. I just finished reading Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain. It was awesome for a foodie read. I read it with a pen & make notes in the margin. He gave some great reccomandations, and inspiration. My current hobby is online stalking David Chang thanks to Bourdain’s book. LOL!

    • Oh Mindy I love Bourdain, I am just trying to get caught up on the last couple of seasons. David Chang is one awesome chef!!!!!! He’s so busy, and now he’s got a cyber stalker :D, that’s kind of funny. I love the name momofuku, it means the lucky peach!!!!!!


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