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Numbers And The Trouble They Can Cause….

The intention of numbers is to create base/system for measurement, so that we can benchmark things such as time, weight, volume, dimension, you get the point. It really should be a harmless thing, but it tends to affect our decisions and how we view ourselves way more than it should. Well that is my opinion at least.

Society seems to try and dictate our actions, that we should go to college, that we should marry, that we should have children, that we should set a certain job as a goal, that our value should be linked to our finances (like that bad joke, so when are you going to get married, so when are you going to have children, so when are you going to die). And all of it should be done on some sort of time line, assigning each of us implied expectations. Maybe this can be a motivator for some, but it can be devastating for others.

I can recall a sad story of man who had not been keeping track of his age. He went about his life and did what he needed to do. On his birthday his kids threw him a surprise party, he decided to inquire how old he was. They said, “why you’re 80 Dad.” The shock was too much, he had to sit back into his chair. He never really recovered from that shock and began acting like an elderly man, he passed away shortly after that.

By contrast, I have a dear friend whom I lose at chess to. He’s 79 and spry as can be. He recently built a metal shed with help from his neighbors. A few years ago he got his degree from university. The number is irrelevant, his life is full and we chat about various things and speak of the events and what lies ahead. It is never an atmosphere of the end is nigh, more like what have you been up to and what do you think about this. His spirit is one that I admire, always looking forward to life.

From all this I would like to present the notion that no one should dictate our hearts. That we should always be the person that we truly are. That time has no right to take away our vibrant nature, rather we are fooled in to giving it up because that is what society thinks we should do. We are as lovely as we are willing to be. For other inspirational individuals I would like to suggest Advanced Style Blog, these folks are fabulous. Kudos Ari Seth Cohen who goes in search of the chic and mature. Is anybody else with me on this?