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In Search of….a Pen…


One thing about me is that I love color. Silly woman that I am, pops of color brighten my mood and bring a smile to my face. I am also enamored with the idea of having a sketch book at hand to jot down ones ideas/thoughts. I have taken to having a few notebooks around for various themes. I have one for seemingly random thoughts, one which I use to storyboard program design concepts, and another for jotting down notes on programming language. Those three I purchased from Target (or Tar-jay, because it’s just that fun of a place to go to) for cheap. But last week while needlessly shopping on J. Crew’s website I found a pink sketchbook which had the print title of Shopaholics I met and liked. I thought, “yes, yes I would like to have that.” Free shipping on all items were offered and I indulged in buying it. I received it today and thought, now I need a pen befitting this sketchbooks cuteness.


Sketchbook for occasional flights of fancy....

Now I thought this should be carried for various sketches and notes on flights of fancy. Yes, indeed one needs to take note of their flights of fancy. So now I not sure what type of pen to get. I thought Mont Blanc or Parker or one of those other tried and true fancy pants pens, but maybe not, maybe this calls for a small tin of crayons or some colorful gem of a pen. I think I may be giving this too much thought, but it tickles me to do so. Anyone have any pen suggestions?


3 thoughts on “In Search of….a Pen…

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  2. I think you need a pink, fluffy pen for this one 🙂

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