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Thank You for the Award Tien :)


Thank you so much Tien for this award. My first thought was, I never win anything, my second thought was a visual of me in a evening gown teary eyed thanking the committee (i.e. Tien) for this award.

In my award speech I may (or may not) include the following seven random (possibly likely inane) facts about me:

  1. I love to cook, and that inspired me to apply to Johnson and Wales to study Culinary Arts. I was accepted, but decided not to go when I saw the tuition costs.
  2. I can say cheese in five languages: fromage (French), queso (Spanish), chiizu (Japanse, this one is my favorite), and of course cheese (English).
  3. I always dream of traveling, but have yet gotten around to it (this is one thing that really annoys me about myself). But it’s part of the reason I wanted to study Software, so I can work from any location. I am still trying to figure out how to do it…it will happen…
  4. I am a huge jazz fan (as well as many other styles of music, my iPod has a developed a personality disorder, may be part of the reason for our break-up) but when I was 11 I really didn’t get it. I thought it was weird, it wasn’t till high school that I really got it. Ah the perks of maturing.
  5. I am double jointed, but only in my arms. I hadn’t noticed till I freaked someone out when I stretched out my arms as they went all the way around.
  6. My hair was blue-black as a kid on the East Coast, but now is a dark sienna brownish black as an adult on the West Coast.
  7. I am an Anime/J-dorama/K-dorama fan, not every series is gold, but I do find some of them quite entertaining. I am also a huge Justified fan (it’s just such a good storyline), just because I was thinking of TV shows I watch.

After I give my speech in my oh so lovely gown, mascara slightly smudged to look smoky but not so much that I have that raccoon look (it’s one of those fuzzy dream sequences remember), I realize that there are rules one must follow when receiving this award. So here are the three rules:

  • Thank the person who awarded it to you as well as accept the award (check)
  • List seven random [sic] things about yourself (check)
  • Pass it on to 15 new blogs which you love and recently found and notify them of their award. (not a full check)

And without further ado here are the award winners in no particular order:

  1. Liz and Chelsea over at Cookiebytes
  2. Lady Noble Design
  3. Random Thoughts Through Midlife
  4. Gnostecism Vision
  5. Life Comes Around
  6. Bill Davis’ Words
  7. Milkteaandpolkadots
  8. Lillichantilly
  9. The Polishaholic
  10. Click

I know I am five short of my fifteen, but I was sort of scrambling to find really good blogs to award, which isn’t to say there are not out there but I have my excuses and here they come. It’s hard because four blogs which would have been on my list to award have already received it (Tien, Mindy, Vix, Maggie). I don’t really want to stress out just looking for new blogs, I think it’s supposed to be a fun experience. So I do hope that these ten wonderful blogger (it’s actually eleven bloggers since Liz and Chelsea both work on Cookiebytes) accept their awards. So I am off to notify them now. Thanks again Tien. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Thank You for the Award Tien :)

  1. Yayyy….!!! I’m imagining myself applauding to your touching acceptance speech teary-eyed from the front row *sniff* 😉

  2. Awesome! Congrats on the award. And, thank you so much for your award to us. We so greatly appreciate.

    First off we would like to thank you (Danielle) and the other subscribers, likers, and readers of our blog cookiebytes. And secondly, Chelsea and I are in the process of waiting for the statue for dessert excellence. Why don’t they do this for food? Dessert especially? I want my Oscar! LOL!

    Thanks again….


    • You deserve it. Yeah, you’re right there should be a food related blogger award. If there isn’t one, we should create one. And thanks for the congrats.

      • Yes ma’am…let’s do it….I’ll put it on the “to do” list….so in other words…love the idea, will think about it long and hard as to how to create and promote such award and hmmmmm hope it doesn’t just go on the back burner so to speak as unfortunately I/we have so many work things going on at one time….UGH! I need a vacation stat!


      • OK Liz, vacation first, food blog award after. You have a ton on your plate, so yikes a lot to juggle.

  3. Well done, congrats Danielle!

  4. CHEESE!!!! I love it!! LOL! Um, I’m double jointed in my thumbs!!

    • We need a group photo of all the girls, gather in tight, Mindy you look lovely!!!!!!

      Haha, double jointed in your thumbs, do you ever do stuff to freak folks out, they get so disturbed by stuff so easily. (me included)

  5. Oh wow! Firstly congrats to you. Secondly i gotta apologize as I didn’t get to see your email as it has been moved into my spam folder by gmail. Anyway, thank you very much for your award, really appreciate it.


    • Oh cool, I think you have some great photography skills. I’m sure that’s not the limit of your skills, but I love your blog and wanted to show it. No worries on the delay, spam happens to the best of us, prices of modern convenience.

  6. A bit late, but very well done.

    And this is a little related. Ost is cheese in Norwegian.

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