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Taking Good Care of Your….SKIN :)

So I think I may have over thought the whole blogging experience or rather just made it more stressful than it need be. So I thought I would just tell you about my evening skin care routine. That sounds really specific, doesn’t it. Well I think my daytime stuff is pretty mundane, I use Cetaphil in the morning and then pop on some moisturizer with SPF and then do my make up, when I get home I take it off with some Kirkland wipes, rinse and then apply a lighter moisturizer. But the big routine is right before bed.

Step 1: I use my Clarisonic Mia. I love this thing. I thought I was getting some wrinkles, but I think it was more a dry skin issue due to environment. So I cleanse with my Mia and Origins Checks and Balances for one minute (20 seconds on forehead, 20 on cheeks, 20 chin and nose area) and I feel squeaky clean. Oh and remember to pat the excess moisture off your skin, leave it a little damp so your serum and moisturizer will absorb nicely.

Step 2: I then put on my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It’s a very light oil that gets absorbed into your skin very quickly, it’s not at all greasy and I like the feeling it gives my skin. It smells like lavender, it’s so soothing at night. At first I thought it wasn’t very strong, but lately allergies have made my skin hypersensitive so I haven’t been ¬†using it. So it’s been sitting in my moisturizing kit waiting for the environment to change.

Step 3: Lastly I apply Super O’Mega Moisture with Chia. I love this stuff, my complaint is that it is expensive because I use it up so quickly. But I love it and have used it up, so I need to replenish my stock. I’ve been using other items in the meantime. If my skin is super fussy I got with Clinique’s Comfort On-Call, but I think they may be discontinuing it. I can’t stand when that happens. If I’m desperate I use Vaseline, but I think it may clog your pores, so I try not to use it.

I have used a lot of different products, and will most likely have a lot more in the future. This is just what I’ve been doing for the last few months. I’m pretty happy with it, aside from the whole me vs. flowers thing, I’ve been very happy with it.

I know Tien posted some of her splurges, I wonder what everyone else is using. Tell me gals, and guys if you’re reading, what is your routine?


It is OK that we just Be…

Whilst searching for inspiration from my funk…I came across this video on Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com and it made smile. A smile is the first sign of recovery from the funk. I then thought of other things to rid myself of said funk…and went back to jazz. Now if you are new to jazz here are some classics that I love.

***So Youtube three out of the four are restricted from playing on blogs, it’s a money thing. If you click on them you should be taken to the Youtube page and it will play that way. I think it’s worth it to hear the music.***

One good way to disperse the mental miasma. Tomorrow is another day. Tonight I will just be…