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It is OK that we just Be…


Whilst searching for inspiration from my funk…I came across this video on Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com and it made smile. A smile is the first sign of recovery from the funk. I then thought of other things to rid myself of said funk…and went back to jazz. Now if you are new to jazz here are some classics that I love.

***So Youtube three out of the four are restricted from playing on blogs, it’s a money thing. If you click on them you should be taken to the Youtube page and it will play that way. I think it’s worth it to hear the music.***

One good way to disperse the mental miasma. Tomorrow is another day. Tonight I will just be…

11 thoughts on “It is OK that we just Be…

  1. 😦 I can’t see the video at work! Grrrr. I’m blocked.

  2. I couldn’t listen to all of them, but the ones I did listen to, were good! Thanks for the intro to Jazz, he sounds funky and I wanna be friends. 😀

    • Jazz is funky and he likes new friends. I’ve got a lot of different tracks that you may be interested in, I think Lisa may have some tracks too.

  3. I love Miles Davis. For some reason, that he was one of the first albums I bought myself as a teen (yes, I said album).

    • I love Miles, through all of his periods. Lisa I am so jealous that you had (have maybe?) an album version, there is something about that snap and pop that you hear that seems to give a richness to the sound. But that’s my opinion, I’m just glad I can get CD copies.

      • I’m sure the album is buried in the hundreds of albums gathering dust at my parents house. They inherited a collection from my Uncle and it just sits there.

      • I bet they’re worth a ton of money. But I’d keep them for sentimental reasons.

  4. I absolutely love Eric Dolphy. Particulary his work on bass clarinet. The album Out To Lunch is really something special.

    Nice topic and some great videos/songs.

    • Thanks. I am going to have to check out Eric Dolphy.

      • I just found it on iTunes, I like the seemingly disconnected quality of music. But that’s jazz, playing the notes in between the notes. I like the flute work too, there are too few jazz flautists, one of my favorites is Herbie Mann.

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