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Bienvenidos a mi Barrio…


Which means welcome to my neighborhood in Spanish. I have been thinking about travel, but that’s nothing new I am always daydreaming of traveling. And my daydreaming got me thinking what about where I live. I mean, people come to Southern California (So.Cal) for vacations, right? Los Angeles is about 30 minutes from everything; the beach, the mountains, the desert (it may be a little more than 30 minutes), but you get my point. Then I thought, purely hypothetical thought, but if a friend was coming to visit where would I want them to go. Normally I say well it depends on who they were and what they wanted to see.

I would tell them to stay in a hotel in Seal Beach, it’s a safe and fun community, plus it’s not too far from other beach cities. I would have them spend a day in Long Beach, probably Pine Avenue, Belmont Shore, grab a bite to eat, get some of Sweet Jill’s pastries (Long Beach is a walking city, so you’ve worked off the calories and can afford to eat a bit). The vibe in that city is really low key, a little eclectic and really fun. It’s sort of funny, because some of the houses are in the million dollar range and the next city over is Compton. But that’s SoCal, go figure.

Another thing to do is to visit Costa Mesa, I love South Coast Plaza it’s a mega mall, in fact one block is not big enough for this mall, it has another mall across the street. They have all the luxury brands: Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Prada, Burberry, Bvlgari, Bottega Veneta, blah blah blah, you get the point. It’s fun to have a look around. Some of these places do have “guards” but pop your head in anyway, disregard the sales person if she is snooty and just have a fun peek around. It doesn’t cost anything to look. Don’t forget Nordies, it’s one of my favorites. As for eats, there are so many restaurants in the mall, but there are a ton in different places. You’re right next to the city of Santa Ana which has tons of good restaurants and a quirky museum, but be careful if you venture in, it has a bit of gang activity over there and a lot of pedestrian traffic so that’s difficult when driving. It’s also easy to get lost. On the plus side, it’s where the Central Court of Orange County is, so all the Federal buildings are out there and if you need a cop you can find one pretty easy around there.

I think a visit to Newport Beach Laguna Beach is nice, a little snooty so not really my thing. But it can be fun. There are small shops and you can walk on the beach, it’s quite serene. If you head over to Fashion Island, you can have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, shop at Neimans and Bloomies and then stroll around the mall. It’s a relaxing atmosphere. I would rent a bike and take a ride around the city.

I would definitely take a couple of days to poke around Los Angeles. Go visit the Getty and LACMA. What I would do is get a room over in Santa Monica (SanMo) and go to the Promenade, they have cute shops and it’s fun to look around, check out Fred Segals and grab a delicious bite to eat. The next day I would head on over to the Getty and just make a day of museum watching. When you want to do the Downtown LA thing, go to LACMA, it’ll put you in the heart of Little Tokyo and you’re a stones throw away from the fashion district as well as Chinatown. Get dim sum when you’re in Chinatown. And my second piece of Chinese food advice is go to Monterey Park and Rowland Heights, that’s where are the Chinese people are and you can get really good food there. But if you can’t Chinatown has some great eateries too. OK, I’m making myself hungry now.

There are so many places to go and visit in SoCal. You could got to West Hollywood (WeHo, I laughed when I first heard that one), Century City, Pasadena, they are all fun to just go and walk around. If you’re in the mood for a winery B&B experience, go to Santa Barbara (I think that’s two hours away) and visit Solvang on the way.

So now that I gave a brief overview of some places to visit where I live, I was wondering where you would suggest people go when they visit you. If you want to do an entire post, let me know I’d love to repost, we could do a whole travel thing.

Bon Voyage my Lovelies!!!

7 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a mi Barrio…

  1. Okay Danielle, So.Cal is now on my travel list and I don’t want to stay at a hotel. I want to crash at your place hehe (kidding)! What a great idea….maybe I will think of a similar post too….one for my hometown, one for where I’m at now (NZ). Okay, I am especially interested to go see Pasadena and eat at Cheesecake Factory because I am a huge Big Bang Theory fan like that LOL! Aaarrghhh….now you got me daydreaming about travelling too…..

    • Oh cool, come on down Sista, we’ll eat our way through SoCal, it’ll be awesome!!!!!! OMG we’ll get the pumpkin cheesecake, that is soooo good, and their menu is pretty interesting. And Pasadena, old town is so fun, there’s this Italian bakery that is so fantastic, it’s a bit off, but they’ve got this rum cake, now I’m drooling on my keyboard, haha….

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  3. Ooh sounds a fun place to live, you’re very lucky! I want to come too 🙂

    • You should come. In my vivid imagination we all get a beach house for like two months and have a bloggers meet up. We’ll go to Vegas for a weekend. It’ll be fun!!!!!

  4. I’ve been so SoCal a few times. I have some friends in PB and LaJolla. It’s a great city! Lucky girl!

    Our city is rich with underground culture. Yale is a real meltingpot of people, so our communtiy is really diverse. I’d take them to the Yale art gallery (VanGogh, Renoir, Duchamp, Pollock all live there). The food scene is phenomenal too. New Haven is the birthplace of the hamburger & arguably the world’s best pizza. There are a few local vinyards that surprisingly have some great wines!


    • Oh cool, San Diego has a nice chill vibe. I really like it.

      Connecticut sounds like a cool foodie place. I think there are so many times of super yummy pizzas, I want to taste them all. I miss NY pizza, and would like to go to Italy to get the original (margarita) pizza. I think my travel plans are to eat my way across the world, one bite at a time… 😀

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