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Another Reason to LOVE Amazon!!!

I told you this was going to be a two parter, and here is the second part. So here we go I love Amazon because it empowers the independent seller.

You can sell your goods new or used on their site, there are fees involved, but it depends on how much you are going to sell and what package you take. But there are other choices available. One special feature allows you to use the Amazon warehouse they have those services available.

Now here is the part that I think might be interesting to quite a few bloggers. What I have noticed is that there are a lot of talented authors who blog. Authors can publish their books to the Kindle. There are a few catches, you have to pick either their 35% or 70% royalty option programs. In which you would get either 35 % or  or 70% of the applicable list price for the book. Plus you have to pay a nominal delivery fee ($0.15 USD/£0.10) per sale. To me this kind of stinks, but they have to make their money somewhere. Otherwise I think it’s a great way of publishing your book.

This is a side note, but another option is the Japanese trend of reading novels on your cell phone. They call them cell phone novels, actually they call them keitai shousetsu, and they are quite popular. Chapters are publish immediately and develop followings. The truly popular ones are made into novels a lot of times. I really like the idea that people can do things on their own and make their own dreams come true. Where there is a will there is a way.