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You know this is going to be superficial light fluff. But I’ve been thinking about my relationship with Uggs. To preface this long winded and almost pointless post, I love shoes, I remember I was at Nordstroms once, clutching on to the right side of a Ferragamos while eying the rack for more shoes that needed to go home with me, another woman spotted me and smiled as she was doing the same thing. We both laughed, knowing exactly how the other felt being surrounded by all that leathery goodness, and I said, “I may not have a man, but I will have good shoes.” We laughed even harder as she replied that she liked my thinking.

So more about my relationship with Uggs in specific. When I first saw them many years ago as a teenager I thought they were hideous, I thought Uggs was short for Ugly. I mean just look at them, they are not cute at all. Then they made their way into our lives, people started wearing them. Britney Spears, when she was relevant wore them when she wasn’t barefoot (so gross Britney, so gross). Actually if I were to list all the celebrities who wore them, I’d be here all evening. So I tried a pair. It was a bit of a fail since it was hard leather and they used to cut into the back of my heal. Being damaged by the boots I stayed away for a while, but then I saw a pair pink short boots on sale, and they were COMFORTABLE. I ended up wearing them at work, actually I kept them under my desk when my heels got too uncomfortable. The Head of Courts used to refer to me as Pink Boots, for some reason it tickled him to call me that.

After the pink boots I then moved on to slippers (many slippers), and then got a tan pair of the tall ones, and some ballet flats and I got one last year and I am not so sure about it. I’ve had them under my bed for a while. They are cuter than the normal sheepskin, but it’s hard in the back again. I’m scared to use them.

Additional thought ladies, men hate Uggs. They think they’re ugly too. I remember a guy asking what I saw in them, according to him they were the ugliest thing he ever saw. And yes, most men have a shoe fetish, they may not be loud and proud about it, but they like it, a lot. Wear a pair of heals or boots (pretty ones) and men will notice, watch their eyes. That and pedicures. I’ve had strange men come up to me to tell me they like my pedicure, dangers of wearing open toe shoes.

So who’s with me on the whole I love shoes bandwagon?