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Two Months in and a Couple of Thoughts…

So it’s been two months since I started blogging and I’ve been thinking about the experience thus far.  I think for the most part it was been really positive for me. I have met several wonderful people and enjoy the exchange of ideas through comments. It has given me an outlet to write, even though I don’t consider myself a “writer” I do enjoy the sport. It has also been therapeutic especially since I have been trying to figure out the next step to take in my life, and blogging has helped me to think about my options, the realization that my future is only limited by my creativity helping me to get past my preconceived limitations.

However, blogging has also provided me with new concerns. I need to think about topics that may be of interest, and over thinking it apparently causes me some sort of writers block. Turning that challenge into a plus, I figured out how to step away from from the writers block and organize my thoughts via my journal(s). Some topics blossom into a lot of work, trying to get the right video, picture or phrasing. The one thing a personal blog shouldn’t be is stressful. Again if I think I am over thinking it, I step away to gain perspective. And since this is a personal blog, one must be careful not to put too much personal information up there. I think it’s easier to write personal things on a post because you’re just typing rather than looking someone in the eyes and baring your soul. But if you’ve somehow said something too personal, embarrassing, or even something that could be misconstrued as something insulting then it can be catastrophic. I tend to be an opinionated person, so sometimes it’s hard for me to edit myself, because there is a time and a place for one’s opinions, and writing them for everyone to see is usually neither. So there have been bumps where I may have unintentionally said things that came out wrong, but you have to take your lumps sometimes.

It reminds me of that email story that I am sure everyone’s received. In case you want to read it here it is. I borrowed this version from www.brefigroup.co.uk

Shake it off and step up

Once upon a time there was a farmer who had an old mule. The mule fell into a deep dry well and began to cry loudly. Hearing his mule cry, the farmer came over and assessed the situation. The well was deep and the mule was heavy. He knew it would be difficult, if not impossible, to lift the animal out.

Because the mule was old and the well was dry, the farmer decided to bury the animal in the well. In this way he could solve two problems: put the old mule out of his misery and have his well filled. He called upon his neighbors to help him and they agreed to help. To work they went. Shovel full of dirt after shovel full of dirt began to fall on the mule’s back. He became hysterical.

Then all of a sudden an idea came to the mule. Each time they would throw a shovel full of dirt on his back he could shake it off and step up. Shovel full after shovel full, the mule would shake it off and step up.

Now exhausted and dirty, but quite alive, the mule stepped over the top of the well and walked through the crowd.

I like this story, and sometimes when I have something to face I remember it and it helps me a little. I remember that I just have to keep on going. So that is what I will do.