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Fun with World Events…


I was just thinking how the Internet has made our world that much smaller. Which is great because I was able to keep up with my friends who moved overseas and make new friends regardless of location.  But it’s terrible for famous folks, one awkward moment or mistake and it goes viral. The bigger the faux pas the faster it becomes popular. It’s human nature to want to see an overly coiffed woman looking a hot mess or to see watch Charlie Sheen have a total melt down (but really only for the first day, now I am just tired of him pimping his craziness).

Just for fun, here are some heads of states being a little less than presidential. I threw in the “model” because I wasn’t sure where else I would put her, I guess I could have done a plastic surgery post, but it didn’t really appeal to me. So here we go…

I think it’s hysterical that you can tell that he’s thinking, I’m going to take that pen. He was smiling and nodding.

What I like about Obama is that he’s got a sense of humor. In my opinion, she wasn’t selling it.

I think Bush has given us a lot of goofy moments…

OK, so this is not so much a world event, but more of a freak show event. Here is one more reason why you don’t taunt a snake, and why silicone is not something you should eat. But really did we need another reason? It’s never a good idea. Although I think she scared the snake and that’s why he attacked.

I hope you found them funny.

6 thoughts on “Fun with World Events…

  1. You have to really watch yourself! The pen one is hilarious – surely he can afford his own one?!

    • I know, he’s got to be able to go and get one somewhere. Or ask for it, or even be a little more discreet, like those folks who borrow a pen and then walk away.

  2. The pen one was my favorite….HILARIOUS. Great post. ~Liz

  3. Funny! I couldn’t watch the Obama one though…”The uploader has not made this video available in your country” 😦

    • Sorry about that. It’s just a video with Obama telling the kids that vegemite is gross while the Australian Prime Minister is trying to sell the kids on it. He was joking, but it still doesn’t sound good.

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