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Happy Earth Day!!!!

In addition to Jazz Appreciation month April has the distinction of also being Earth Month, but Earth Day falls on April 22nd. The first Earth Day, according to Wikipedia was back in 1970, before a lot of us were born. I think it’s best efforts are to inspire and enlighten citizens of the need to care for our planet. It sounds like a bunch of tree hugging malarkey, but take out the eco-pirate agenda and it does make sense. It makes sense to be aware of what you consume, how you consume it, and what how it affects the world we live on. I think that is a simple way of looking at it.

What I really wonder is how much has the world changed since 1970? In the 60s, and this is all info I gathered from movies and people I’ve talked with, people were becoming aware of the environment. I actually think it was more of the younger generation that were becoming more aware of the ecology. From my perspective there was the Hippie movement, with many crunchy individuals made the effort to make environmentally aware decisions. I think a lot of them were vegetarians, they rallied against the establishment and tried to use more natural products. But in came the 80s and the me way of thinking was dominant. People started to become more obsessed with possessions, luxury and wealth. Acquisition of products became the main goal, with little regard for the environment. Then the 90s rolled in, and there was the grunge sort of hippie anti-establishment movement, we began to recycle, but we also saw continued people continuing their materialism. And our cars got bigger, everyone wanted an SUV. Turn of the century (heck of he millennium) and green started to go mainstream. Governments supporting hybrid cars, but we’re still fighting over oil and I doubt OPEC is going to go down without a fight. We continue to recycle, but still we bought a lot of junk (man that’s when I started buying so much garbage). And then the economy took a real dip, so we had to cut back drastically. But now that the economy is healing we are starting to buy again. I don’t know what to say about that.

I think we all want to live on a healthy Earth, so for my part I am revisiting the green principles:

  1. Recycle
  2. Reuse
  3. Reduce

I know that I don’t do enough. I do recycle, but I have not been good at reuse and reduce. I am trying to reduce my consumption, but it’s a hard habit to break. And I try to reuse stuff, and the stuff that I don’t need or want I give away so someone else can use it, but I am not good at upcycling. I start saving older clothing thinking I can repurpose it, but never get around to actually doing it, I then give put the item in the give away bag.

My friends, what do you do to be Green? I think Kermit was right it’s not easy being green.