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Gone too soon…

I wonder if anyone else gets involved with their TV show only to  have a TV execs yoink it off the air. Not only that, but have you ever found a show after the fact, meaning after it’s been killed mercilessly by the execs and realize that it was a really good show. When that happens I get annoyed, annoyed with the TV people and annoyed with myself for not finding it sooner. It’s as if I had found it sooner, maybe it’s fate would have been different, knowing full well that is not the case but I live to dream.

I don’t understand exactly how they make their decisions to be honest. There are a lot of reality TV shows, and those aren’t the types of shows that I enjoy very much, but they are cheap and easy to make and I think they can be pretty popular with some people. I know that there were two writers strikes in the last ten years which really halted production. It was on the news all the time here when they happened. A lot of people faced difficult times, not just the cast but the production crew, and a lot of shows didn’t have a proper chance of survival. So I guess it’s a matter of interest (which they determine from ratings, but I have no idea how that’s done, because it doesn’t really accurately depict the entire country just a selection), production costs and politics/contracts (which can probably be considered production costs also). But none the less I am not part of that industry so I can’t understand exactly why they do what they do, and with the internet what and how they do it is most likely going to change even more.

That long winded lead in was just to introduce my list of programs that I thought were fun to watch but yoinked off too soon. So here with go:

Arrested Development

Witty, snarky and slightly bizarre. I honestly don’t know how else to describe this story. The cast is great, the writing hilarious (it still works even today) and it’s narrated by Ron Howard. The show follows the insane antics of the Bluth family, a group of out of touch rich people. The only person who wants to relate to reality is one of the sons, Jason Bateman. And bonus they’re coming out with a movie, hopefully it will be good.

Pushing Daisies

Lee Pace stars as Ned the Pie maker (I have no idea if he  has a last name), a man who due to circumstances had made himself closed off to life. He also has the ability to bring people back for the dead, but only for one minute, he has to touch them again to “redead” them if he keeps them alive any longer than that then another person dies. In addition to owning the Pie Hole, a pie shop, he works with Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) to solve murders using his ability. He brought back his childhood sweetheart Chuck (Anna Friel) and now they can’t touch. I know the premise sounds weird, but Brian Fuller writes clever, fun and witty dialog and creates bright colorful imagery for the viewer to enjoy, it’s quite theatrical. The acting done by the entire cast is quite good. It takes murder mystery and adds more of a fun and perky tone giving it a unique storyline. There were other family issues, and it’s better for you just to watch it.

Because it’s funny….

Dead Like Me

Brian Fuller must have a thing with death.  It’s about a group of undead reapers, their job is to go to people before they die and reap their souls by touching them otherwise the soul stays trapped inside the body until reaped. OK, now I am starting to sound ghoulish, but it’s the writing and the issues that the individuals have that make the show entertaining. Just because you’re undead doesn’t mean you stop feeling, plus I love Mandy Patinkin, he’s such a great actor (and singer, he was awesome in Evita the original stage version I believe). Since the show only had two seasons and was canceled abruptly, they did a movie a couple of years ago. It was not very good unfortunately.


I do enjoy a bit of science fiction, but with a sense of humor. Basically the Firefly is a space craft and the crew is a group of misfits who pull jobs in order to make ends meet (be they legal or otherwise). The have made quite a few enemies and always seem to end up with trouble. It only lasted one season, but there was a action packed movie. The movie had more of a darker tone than the show. If you are squeamish then maybe better to skip.