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A Nod Toward the Understated and Sublime…


I’ve noticed that most of my posts have a certain randomness about them. They tend to be things that are on my mind or catch my heart. In that spirit I intend present to you the inspiration that color can bring. I love color and the effect it can have on one’s mood and thoughts. I know that there are color trends, but I tend to go in the direction of what tugs at my senses.

I look at objects and colors and instantly my thoughts begin to think of different possibilities. I am a fan of objects past, I like to watch movies and look at pictures from different eras and take of the objects that occupy the scene. They had such character. Lately I’ve been fascinated with green color family, more specifically jadeite and avocado green. Both are indicative of the retro mod look of the sixties.

The Greenfest first started with this delicious little avocado green bag. I think it’s due out in Fall. I love the shape of the bag, it looks a bit like the French book bags that children used to carry, almost like a briefcase. The soft green hue compliments the mod feeling it attempts (and succeeds) at presenting. To me it’s tres chic (hmm…that was not meant to sound pretentious at all, if it did, sorry about that).

J. Crew Bag coming out this Fall

It then made me think, in this mod little fantasy what would I be riding. Naturally I thought of a Vespa. I’ve always wanted one, but living in such a high traffic area I reasoned against it. But it’s still my dream to live in a place where I can just put about.

My new vintage ride 🙂

I then thought of food, as is the nature of my beast. I thought in this mod little world what I would need is an icebox of some sort (I don’t know why, but I quite like calling a refrigerator and icebox).

My cute green icebox

And of course a stove to cook my yummy creations.

My matching stove...

Or I could go with stove that has contrast colors.

Stove Option number two

It was fun to find and share these cute little gems. These sort of pieces inspire me, in their own way they have a place in my world.

Addendum: I was in a sublime bliss as I listened to St. Germain during my scavenger hunt. If you haven’t heard of them, here’s a taste.

4 thoughts on “A Nod Toward the Understated and Sublime…

  1. The stove looks really cool!

    • Tee hee…aren’t they fun? I wanted a Viking stove, but these are just so cute. I am sort of torn. Or maybe a Wolfe. I just saw La Courne, they’re so French Provencal cute.

  2. Love the bag and fridge!

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