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To Chandelier or Not to Chandelier…

When I was in high school I worked at Ethan Allen for a while. It was fun being surrounded by designers and wonderfully decorated rooms. One room, I remember distinctly, had this elegant dining room theme. There was a large crystal chandelier which hung above the dining table. It added that note of richness to the room. The dark cherry wood formal dining set matched so well, creating this upscale feel. It was the sort of thing that I liked to visit, but wouldn’t want to have in my house. I thought it would be too fussy, but I was attracted to in nonetheless. And so I left it to those period pieces like Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey, allowing it to remain one of those seemingly out of reach art pieces.

And then I thought that there had to be some sort of chandelieresque fixture that would fit my taste. So I snooped around and found this.

So pretty and modern....

But this one is $1,454.40, so this is more of an inspiration piece. I remember seeing an article in a magazine several years ago which focused on flocking. One of the flocked item was a small chandelier. It looked so cute. That prompted me to research flocking. I think the basic gist of it is cover the area in glue and apply the flock and viola you have a fun felty new surface. I was trying to find a picture online, but I was out of luck.

My search for other chandelier inspired ideas continued and found this video. It’s in two parts.

While I am not about to go out and buy one of those crickets, it did inspire me to look for other options. I thought of flocking my body of the fixture and using glitter on the danglers. And it doesn’t even have to be a light fixture, it could just be used for decorative purposes.

Then I opened up my email to find that Design Within Reach had this black tabletop candelabra.

DWR tabletop goodness

So that got me thinking about how I can make my own. I would just have to create the model, then a mold and then cast it. I could make it in some sort of acrylic base. And then I could flock it. The possibilities are endless, I’ve just got to figure out what I want to do and what color. I can picture a bright pink, robins egg blue, or even a soft yellow. I was hoping for something fun and interesting but not pretentious. What do you guys think? Chandelier? Candelabra? Nada?