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I’ve been thinking about food for a while. To be honest, I do think about food a lot. I really like the yummy things in life. I like to cook and I love when it comes out good, but more often than not I tend to go with fast food or quick fixes. It’s just so convenient when you just don’t feel like cooking. I tend not to want to cook if I feel grumpy or tired or just stressed. But I when I have some down time I like to create yummy dishes (at least I try to). If I can or it makes sense I’ll start from scratch. Recently I made my first attempt at making my own tomato sauce, something I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start. It actually turned out alright. Which has inspired me to attempt it again so I can refine my recipe and technique. I used this Foodwishes video as a guideline (but I ended up changing it a bit).

Mine ended up like this.

My first sauce attempt

When I cook, I tend to start thinking more about where my food comes from and reflect on what I’ve been eating. Thinking about what I’ve eaten can be a mixed bag, I feel bad about all the unhealthy things that I’ve consumed but I do remember that it probably tasted good and that was what was available at the time. But then that’s just my excuse. I think that if I made a bit of effort and planned it right, I can eat better. It’s all part of my life overhaul plan, you know the one where I incrementally change aspects of my life till I’ve tweaked to the way I want to live.

One part of my overhaul, and this may be tricky, is to practice slow food cooking. I first heard about slow foods through Diary of Foodie (here is the iTunes link). I love this program as it talks about how different people are looking at food and food preparation. The slow foods movement to me is growing food naturally, like it has been done for so many generations, and preparing it as fresh as possible. I think in this spirit you can honor your foods and play up its natural flavors. I think trying new spices to enhance the flavor is key. When you can buy fresh fruits and veggies (or frozen when not possible), but not more than you can cook because it can go bad (if you can avoid can food, but sometimes it’s not doable). If you can buy organic do that, but that can be expensive. Even better if you have a farmers market you can purchase there and support your local farmers. The foods grown by these farmers tend to be much better than those bioengineered fruits and veggies. The Monsanto foods are much more bland, they don’t have the same intense flavor but do tend to have a ridiculous shelf life, I mean they’re like twinkies they don’t rot, it’s creepy.

Another thing I would like to do is be able to grow my own fruits and vegetables. My dream is to have my own little green house, I think I need to develop my green thumb first. I am going to the Huntington Gardens Plant Sale next week in order to acquire some friends. And I plan on going to the Fullerton Arboretum Monster Tomato Sale next year. I unfortunately missed it this year. Tomatoes are easy to grow, good starter plant. I may even volunteer there.

I know that there is more I can and will be doing in the future, but these are my first steps.

2 thoughts on “Slow Foods Movement…

  1. Love this post. I’m a big fan of food too. I mean a BIG fan lol! I wish to have my own little green house someday too 🙂

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