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It’s Bike Week…


Did you know the second week in May is supposed to be Bike Week. This week we are encouraged to forgo our automobiles and pick up a bike.  In honor of this week I went in search of bicycles. And there are so many types of bicycles out there. Making it seem more and more like a viable option for short distances.

The traditional cruiser a la Paul Frank

Electrical Bike to give you an option when you are pooped from pedaling

Urban Folding Bikes for those with cramped quarters

Would you ever consider trading in your bike for a car? Or even just riding a bike at all? There are a lot of cute options out there. And it can be a very appealing choice aside from health benefits.

8 thoughts on “It’s Bike Week…

  1. I’m just going to spin class, does that count?
    My nerves couldn’t cope with cycling on the roads here.

    • I think it counts. I think taking to a bike can be dangerous in cities. I’m in Southern California and I just picture myself peddling as fast as my little legs can take me to get away from some mean bus. I picture it being cute if I lived in some Provencal sort of life (with pedal pushers, black flats, and a side tied neckerchief).

  2. I haven’t been on a bike since i was about 14, I’d prob fall off 🙂

    • Oh no, I thought the saying was, “it’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to do it.” I think you’d be OK as long as you have some sort of balance and could get enough speed. It’s been a long while for me too. I wonder if I’d go plunk…

  3. This summer, I hope to buy a mountain bike. I have these hiking trails in my back yard I could ride on. I’m not great on a bike, but practice makes perfect….

  4. I haven’t been riding a bike for about 15 years now! I would love to go biking in parks….a flat one….andin nice weather….haha! Always thought it would be pleasant 🙂 The pink bike is awesome!

    • I don’t even remember the last time I went for a ride. I think it would be nice, maybe if I had a group to go with. Like I wouldn’t mind joining a jogging group or something like that.

      I love Paul Frank. And the little blue helmet makes me smile too.

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