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Personal Style as Opposed to Fashion…


Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

Oscar Wilde

Ever since I was a small girl I loved pretty things. I loved make up and clothes, still do and seemingly to my detriment. And when I learned to speak, I was very vocal about what I liked to wear. I loved to have puffed sleeves and a swinging full pretty skirt when going to a party. I was, to say in a manner of speaking, and still am, a funny little critter.

But as I got older school and all of life’s little events took precedence over fashion, there were some days when I just looked a hot mess.  I haven’t abandoned the pretty things in life, they just aren’t often times the priority. They do, however, always have a special place in my heart. And I tend to make trips back to it when I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes it’s retail therapy and sometimes it’s because I want a change of pace or because I am making changes in my life. I have been thinking about this more and more since I have been trying to institute changes in my life.

Going through my wardrobe has got me thinking about past choices. In my teens and early twenties I think I was experimenting with fashion. I think that’s something we all do, and let’s face it we’ve all probably had some awful outfits at one time or another. But through that experimenting we found out what worked for us, and established a personal base line. Most people figured out what jeans looked good on their shape, which sort of tee was right. Which maker was cutting for our body type and what needed to be altered. We also figure out what colors look right with our skin tone as well as what made us look ill. For instance as a petite olive-skinned Asian woman, large floral prints make me look like a deranged Oompa Loompa, like I got away from the Chocolate Factory and was trying to be incognito, but really I’m not fooling anyone.  Which is to say…I look terrible. Then there are things that work well for my proportions, like low-rise jeans have a way of looking proportionate.

In addition to those items that I know compliment me, there are items that are just my personality. I think these are items that I love just because they tickle my fancy, they make my heart happy, and they just make me smile. I think in addition to my suitable basics I have a wardrobe full of things that are my treasures. They are things that I enjoy for their pure enjoyment. I think that through my trail and effort I have honed my skills for spotting the right thing for me and decreased the emphasis on trends and fashions. I have come to the realization that fashion is a type of industry which chooses to attempt to control the way we see ourselves and create an insecurity so we will buy their product. As consumers we are the ones who really decide. I think that’s why so many blogs on fashion are popular, because it’s people on their own doing their own thing. I personally like popping my eyes onto style and lifestyle blogs to see what someone’s take on a piece is. Recently I found a fabulous blog called Bourbon & Pearls, Tabitha is so chic and cool, she’s become my new style hero. She recently blogged about controlling your closet, because it can get out of hand really easily, her tactic is to exercise control with use of a 22 hanger rule. I think that’s a great idea. Rules can help you to only purchase when necessary, and if you limit your spending you be more thoughtful when spending. Adding to Tien’s suggestion of the mantra chant “…do I really need this…?” So if you decide it’s time to get a new item, then research for the perfect item, you will be so glad when you do get that item home.

16 thoughts on “Personal Style as Opposed to Fashion…

  1. I think we all need to wear clothes that suit us and our shape, colouring etc not just what is the magazines. Although I wish I was less curvy so more would suit me 🙂

    • I know what you mean, I don’t think they make clothes for women, sometimes I think they think we’ve still got the bodies of girls. So a lot of designs (and cuts) aren’t as flattering as they could be. I don’t think the problem is so much with women being curvy, it’s more to do with the clothes themselves.

  2. 22 hangers? Ok, you’ve peeked my interest. I’ll have to check that out.
    I understand about honing your style. Puffed sleeves – oh, yes please! Those were in, as were shoulder pads. Now I want clothing that transforms my pear shape in an hourglass, and I know just how to get it, dam it! LOL!

    • I was thinking about shoulder pads. I didn’t wear those too much. I did have a friend who was very into them. She was petite and said that it made her look bigger (it didn’t, it just looked like she had on huge shoulder pads).
      Uh oh, that sounds drastic, like you’re going to cut off pieces of pear. My new thing is to love the body that I have. I used to hate being short, but what can I do about it but accept it. I be tiny, it’s OK.

  3. Her blog is adorable. I used to have a more is more rule about my closet. However, since I now have a mortgage and an allowance :**( I only buy someting if I am in love with it.

    Yes, good style is very different from fashion.

    • Isn’t her blog totally adorable?
      Mindy, I think it’s that we just love pretty thing, so more is more, more pretty things. But finances are the thing that forces us to trim our spending. Good thing we bought so much so now we at least have a lot of clothes? That was me trying to put a happy face on the cut clothing budget.

  4. Oh i do admire good fashion sense! but when it comes to my own style, i’m simply simple. Decent on weekdays – baggy shabby shirts n baggy shabby everything on sunday! lol

  5. Great post! I really like fashion too but I am not the fashionable type. I still don’t really know what will suit me best. So I resorted to only like looking at fashion and when I shop I try on dozens of clothes before finding one that really look nice on me. One thing I learnt, if you see something nice, it doesn’t necessarily look nice on you. So…always TRY IT ON! That’s why I have never tried to shop online. I’m too scared haha!

    • I think that online shopping is really risky a lot of times. I’ve gotten some things and thought, oh no this is not what I was expecting. I think it is a lot of trying on, and figuring out what looks good. Another thing is even though it’s a certain manufacturer and a certain size it may not look right still. They are cut differently. Not only that, but with jeans since they are mass produced they’re cut on a machine and that machine cuts the one on top to the right size and then a little off each one as it descends down. So the first pair may be an inch wider than the 40th pair. So all may not fit right. Also stitching is important. Trying it on is the best idea. But also the cut of something can give you a clue to if it will be flattering. Figuring it out can help you make the initial decision so you don’t have to try on as much.

    • hahaha lol at too scared of shopping online! cuteee!

  6. Little bit of guess work, my wardrobe consists of 10 Grateful Dead T Shirts (5 Tye Dye), 6 other music T Shirts (Beatles, Hendrix, Zappa, Coltrane, Dolphy and Reinhardt) and about 6 pairs of jeans. Older T Shirts are retired to sleeping clothes.

    Given that I wear tye dye, its fair to say my comphrehension of fashion is utterly beyond repair.

    But I like what I wear so eh.

    • I think it’s just a distinct sense of style. As long as you own it, it doesn’t matter what other people think. I think that’s the difference of style as opposed to fashion. Style has more to do with the identity of the individual, fashion has more to do with the changing whims of a group as determined by a few vocal individuals.

  7. Peach~
    I love your comments on the blog today because I feel like they are my own. I know exactly what you mean, we could be twins. My only rule is the 24 hour rule so I can think about purchases and to make sure I am really committed to buying it. After 24 hours if I still want it, it fits, it’s the right price, it’s still in the store, etc. I go back and get it. You would be surprised how many times I forget about the thing I really wanted 24 hours later. 🙂 ~Chelsea

    • Oh that’s a good rule Chelsea, because many a time have I bought something only to have that second thought of what was I thinking in the cold hard light of day. I am so glad we have return policies here. I know some other countries it’s a done deal, no takesies backsies. Lately I’ve been going your route of not buying it, and returning to see if it’s still there. But I think there is some sort of shopping destiny, that if it’s not there then it wasn’t for me. Like shopping Russian Roulette.

      You know what our twinship means? It means we can go shopping. Hang on, I’ll go get my wallet.

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