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I think one of the perks of being a girl is our unbridled love of primping. As it has been established I love make up. For me it’s fun to play with colors and get myself gussied up. If you think of your face as a canvas and the make up as the paints, I think you could also think of your foundation as the background paint and the moisturizers and primers as prep work.

My own personal rules are as follows:

  • Wear as little foundation coverage as possible
    • This means I have to take really good care of my skin πŸ˜€
  • Find the right shade, this can be quite a journey as
    • Foundation oxidizes (meaning it changes colors after it settles on your skin in minutes) which is why you should never buy foundation without giving it a bit of time and going out in daylight.
    • Finding the right undertones (yellow/pink/etc) may take more effort than you initially thought
    • Your skin coloring changes with the seasons (lighter in winter weather and deeper in summer weather)
    • Your face has different grades of color and your neck is a different color altogether (it gets a different amount of sunlight during the day as your face). Finding a shade to match means finding the one that can blend in and not clash with any part of your face and your neck (remember to blend down into your neck)
  • Find the right formula (gel, water, cream, powder, stick, BB, etc.) for your skin’s needs (dryer in the winter than in the summer)

Honestly at the end of the day I have a few depending on what the occasion is. If it’s just one of those I’m popping out, I may just wear sunscreen or through on tinted moisturizer (Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier) or a BB Cream (Lotree and Essence). For summer I may dust with a mineral powder ( Estee Lauder or Bare Essentials) to abate the “glistening” (you know when you sweat like a pig). And for more coverage I use Lingerie De Peau (I love this stuff with a synthetic flat top brush, Sonia Kashuk #4) or Shiseido’s foundation stick.

Usually I don’t think about how long my foundation wears, because my main reason for applying it is to have a base for my make up to stick too not for any real coverage. But then I saw this video and thought, you know that makes sense, people want their foundation to wear well, and so it makes sense to make sure that your prep is compatible with your foundation. I think it may have been one of those ah-ha moments. So here’s Goss with the lesson for today.

I wonder if this was enlightening for anyone else. What’s your routine?

14 thoughts on “Make-up Corner…Foundation…

  1. Thank You for writing this post. It was very informative. (^_^)/

  2. I wear Max Factor colour adapt but switch to tinted moisteriser in summer so it’s a bit lighter.

    • I don’t think we have Colour Adapt here. Isn’t it funny how they only sell certain lines in certain countries. Or sometimes they sell it under a different name or a different brand. Like Cover Girl Lash Blast is sold under Max Factor over by you. I guess it’s branding, but I am not sure why. Are our two countries so different that they would have to do that to ensure success of a brand, or do they do it to sell it for more money in another country. Hmmm….

  3. Tinted moisturizer! I’ve got to get some of that. Thank you for the tips!
    I didn’t know about the oxidation.

    • I know, the oxidation fools me a lot. It’s like in the bottle it looks great, but after a few minutes it’s been applied it can have that ashy look or turn another color. It’s weird really. Thank goodness for testers. But I think tinted moisturizers are the best. I like the ones that kind of change to your skin, like the Estee Lauder one. It’s sort of cool. I can’t tell if it really does, but I feel like it looks nice and natural.

  4. Nice tips! I had yet to find out what my uddertone color really is *blush*. I loooooove BB cream and I usually only apply BB cream with liner and mascara and gloss and I’m ready to go!

  5. I love Chanel’s Mat Lumiere. It has a neutral undertone. I used to use MAC, but found it was too yellow, and Dior flash airbrush was way too pink. Foundation primers are great. My makeup stays put all day, even after the gym! I used to only use Smashbox Photo-Finish, but I am currently loving Benefit’s That Gal. LOL! Girls & their makeup!

    • I know it’s so important to us and such great fun, unless you can’t find your match. Isn’t Chanel discontinuing some of their foundation. I don’t get that, it’s so popular. I think my skin doesn’t react to well to that gal. I got a sample once, I have another sample I may try it again.

  6. the man in the video really made sense.

    • Goss is a really honest makeup artist. I like the way he gives us logical makeup tips. You need to think about what you’re putting on your face.

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