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As I was going through the parking lot of my supermarket hunting for a park, I found the strangest vehicle occupying one of the spots. Upon first glance I thought it was a smart car, those things are so tiny. But I thought it looked so small that I had to look again. It was one of those little shopping carts disguised as a car. It seemed like he has convinced himself that he is in fact a car and taken it to the next level by parking in the parking lot. The idea of this little fella and his unrealistic sense of self got me chuckling. Even a shopping cart has the right to dream.

Delusions of grandeur...

22 thoughts on “This Made Me Laugh…

  1. Haha, that’s one cute shopping cart 🙂

  2. That is fantastic! I’d find grocery shopping less of a chore if I could wheel that around the aisles.

    • It would be fun. I was thinking they should implement this for adults, but I wonder if we would be smacking each other like bumper cars.

  3. By using that I would have to make car noises.

    Also, nice new layout. Very striking.

    • There’s a firetruck one. You’re right, I would have to make the noises too.

      Thanks, I wanted to do something a little different. It reminds me of a playbill.

  4. LOL! They have those at our local mall. Anything to keep people shopping.

    New blog look eh?

    • Anything that will keeps kids from making a fuss is fine with me. I just wish they made them for us adults, or adults that are kids at heart.

      Ya likie? I thought I would go in a different direction.

  5. Hayha, soo cute!! God the things they do to keep us shopping! 😀

    • I know adorable, I think they should make some cute carts for us too or something that we’d like. Make the whole thing more fun.

  6. What a fun thng to do to lure otherz! 😮 woa!

    • I think kids here can be pretty fussy, so anything to distract them while they’re at the market the better. It’s better for all of us shopping. Only problem is they don’t have enough little car cart for all the kids. I think if one kid doesn’t get it he’d have mini car envy :(.

  7. Who’s a cute little car? Gosh, it’s so small, it looks like a shoe!

    • I know, and if you’re just driving by it while it’s “parked” you think it’s one of those smart cars. Those things are ridiculously small, have you seen one up close. I want to just pick it up and put it in my pocket.

      • I have seen those! And at the grocery store no less. The owner actually told me it was “roomy”. Hahahahaha!

      • Now that’s just silly, why would you call it roomy. It’s like one of those clowns in a VW jokes, hahahahaha!!!!!!

  8. Why are there no new posts? 😦

    • There are new posts, they’re down below. That image is fixed, I think I am going to have to mess with this theme. Sorry, I’ve been trying to find a good one.

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