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Tees are a Few of My Favorite Things…


First of all, I apologize for the bad quasi pun, but I just couldn’t help myself. Second of all, I think I may have a bit of a problem. I have but one body, however I seem to keep accumulating tee-shirts, visualize a sea of jersey tees, a multitudes of tees if you will. I don’t count, I am afraid too. Heaven help me, I just love the things. I may be exaggerating, but I have come to the conclusion that I may have more tee-shirts than one person needs. And my reason for babbling about my tee-shirt obsession, well it may be a California thing, but it’s a necessity in my wardrobe. I love soft, fine, cotton tee-shirts. I love when they fit right and falls just a certain way. Now that’s going to be different for everyone, but in case anyone was looking for their perfect tee I thought I would compile a list of my favorites based upon all my years of “research”.

So here goes:

  1. James Perse, the cuts change to accommodate seasonal trends but the quality of the fabric doesn’t change. Wash after wash my JP tees hold up well until one day they don’t. It’s always a sad day when that happens. I’ve linked the picture to the site, but there are lots of department stores which sell JP so check out your local store.

    Just one of the JP tees available. Click to go to the site.


  2. Alternative Apparelis a pretty recent find for me. They manufacture a lot of jersey products for other brands as well. I am in love with their soft cotton tops, they also have a great modern fit.

    Simple, easy, and comfy...

  3. Petit Bateau is more of a write in candidate, I have not tried it yet but have every intention of doing so. I do like that french sailor striped top, something about Hemingway and his way of taking the seemingly banal and transforming it into a rustic moment but with romantic undertones. I picture him jotting down thoughts for a book in a marinière top, with a cup of coffee and a baguette at hand.

    Next stop the island of ridiculous romanticism...

  4. This last one is a bit of a Paul Bunyan. I’ve been reading that Leslie Fremar, stylist to the stars, has been working with Fruit of the Loom, underthingy manufacturer to the regular folk (i.e. you and me), to create affordable tee-shirts which will be available at bloomingdales. A quality cotton tee at three for forty, I am so in. I don’t think it’s available online, but the picture takes you to where I got my info.

    Must drive to South Coast Plaza....getting in car...paying ridiculous prices for gas....

If you can’t find JP or Alternative Apparel at your department store and you are interested they’re also sold at Nordstrom or Shop Bop for JP only. Of course there’s J. Crew and Banana Republic and I am sure a ton of other places that I’ve missed. And this is not to say that I only have tees, but it is to say that I really do find them a staple in my wardrobe, I like to call it step one. It seems the foundation of my wardrobe is layered with fabulous tees and great jeans. What can I say, it’s a SoCal thing, I had a High School  English teacher in tees and skater shorts with a pair of Vans. He was a great teacher, really chill.

So what’s your favorite wardrobe piece, your must have?

8 thoughts on “Tees are a Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. So funny! I love the line about only having one body!
    I love White t shirts, they are so comfy and go with everything, I hate anything harsh next to my skin.

    • Teehee…it’s funny because it’s true (I stole that from Karen on Will and Grace).

      I love white tees too (and black ones) they really can go anywhere. And I think a nice Pima cotton tee is just one of the most comfy yummy thing we can gift our skin.

  2. I love T-shirts but they just don’t suit me due to my large boobs lol 🙂 These are cool tho!

    • Haha, I have bigguns too and I love tee shirts. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right cut. I think you have to find the one that fits right around your bust line and then skims your body (so they don’t make you look like a barrel, you know big all over). I think the ones that I listed tend to cut that way. I like tees better than buttoned shirts, you don’t even know how many times my girls tried to escape. It’s so embarrassing when you talking to someone and then you’ve popped open. They must want to see light I suppose.

  3. Tees make me look even more flat-chested than I already am. I do like that wife-beater though!
    For me, dresses are essential. Throw one on, slip into my havianas, twist up my hair, and I’m out the door.
    I always enjoy reading about shopping…. or just shopping! So thank you for this post today.

    • Oh no, maybe it’s the cuts that you’ve tried that have been doing that. I’ve always thought that gals with flat chests could rock anything. I think if you try some other brands a good tee is going to find it way to you, make you look all kinds of sexy. A good wife-beater (tank top for anyone outside of the U.S.) can be a no fuss staple too.

      I’m loving that easy hair up, flip-flop (I love reefs) with a cute dress look. I love shopping too, and it was fun to write, so more to come likely. Woohoo, good times!!!!!!!

  4. I love tees too! They are so versatile. They can be casual or sexy or young or used as pyjamas…….whatever it is, they are comfy nevertheless! Plus they can be turned into a good ol’ rug when they’re worn out too 😉

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