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Doughnut Day!!!!!!!!!!!


Tomorrow, June 3rd, is National Doughnut Day. Some doughnut shops are celebrating this special holiday by giving away doughnuts. Here are two chains, hopefully you have one near you, that are offering some freebies:

  1. If you love Krispy Kreme, and who doesn’t, just pop on in and you will get one free doughnut of your choice.
  2. Dunkin Doughnuts will give you a free doughnut with the purchase of a drink.

The name of the franchise takes you to their site if you need to find a location and the promotion takes you to the details. I don’t know if Winchell’s/Yum Yums is doing anything, but maybe it’s worth a call or a visit to find out. I wonder if smaller establishments have any promotions going on. If you have heard of others, let me know.

Happy treats my friends.

4 thoughts on “Doughnut Day!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I love doughnuts!! I missed this post, so I missed Dougnut Day too boo!
    P.S. Love the new blog look!

    • Oh no, doughnut day should be marked on our calendars. Thanks, I am messing with the look. I think the other one was striking, but it may have been difficult to read, maybe better for a photo blog.

  2. Great minds think alike, Peach! ~Chelsea

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