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Summer May Mean Bronze…

Well at least I think it does to some people. In our of the hemisphere it’s summer. But I gather it’s Winter for y’all in the southern hemisphere. Loopy huh? And for some reason, during the summer everyone wants a tan. Let me rephrase that, a lot of North Americans (U.S. & Canada) and Europeans want a tan. This has led to a big boom in tanning products. Let’s chronicle it for fun, shall we:

  • At first it was just tanning oil, people pretty much greased themselves up to lay out in the sun and sizzle like a piece of bacon, until they realized it was unhealthy. I’ve known some boomer who are perpetually orange. They’ve literally burnt the tan into themselves. It’s not cute.
  • Then came the tanning booths. Theoretically less unhealthy, one would pop themselves into a tanning bed like a piece of bread and toast themselves till they popped out. The first warning sign of danger is that you have to wear that weird little eyepiece.
  • After that someone decided we can just spray it on. Again with the creepy weird eyepiece (I have a chilling thought that it’s some sort of plastic mind device, don’t even get me started on my eyelash curler).
  • And if the spray freaks you out you can just rub on the tan. Initially you won’t see the difference, till later, when you see all the spots you missed.

Oh the things we do for beauty. Now, tanning is just a look and there is nothing wrong with it as long as it’s reasonable and you aren’t hurting yourself.  I think there is one piece of advice is to avoid looking like an oompa loompa, and I am going to say that should apply to all facets of your look, you will always want to avoid looking like an oompa loompa.

Another bronzing route may be to just do your make up with bronzed tones. Both videos are about the same look. You get some bronze and neutral tones for your eyes, some bronzer/peach blush/highlighter for your cheeks and finish with a nude lip. It’s a pretty easy look to do, and is attractive without drawing too much attention (unless you go with the heavy black eyeliner or are not so great at blending)

I have no idea who the Saturdays are, but I love Lisa Eldridge. I just found out about her last year. I think the black liner makes it more intense, so you may want to tone it down for day or not, really whatever you’re comfortable with.

My last thought is on the difference between “Western” esthetic and “Asian” esthetic. Asians do not want to tan, there are tons of products on the Asian market dedicated to whitening the skin. I was shopping in a Korean Cosmetics store, with my pseudo Asian self, and had the following exchange occur:

Me: What kind of BB Creams do you have?

Sales Person: We have several (brings them all to show me). This one is the best, most popular.

Me: OK, Can I try it on?

Sales Person: Sure. (she applies said BB cream)

Me: That’s too light, do you have any other shades? (please note it was about two shades lighter than my face)

Sales Person: It’s not too light, that’s how you want it. Lighter is better, make you look prettier.

Now there is nothing wrong with being light, I just think women of all skin colors are beautiful. I am opposed to people taking drastic measures to darken or lighten themselves, there isn’t any need to damage your skin in the name of beauty, I mean isn’t that the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve? I believe that we should all find a way to love the person that we are, inside and out.

To be fair to the ladies with lighter skin tone and to help illustrate my point of contrasting opinions of beauty here is another make up video. The make-up artist is very talented and is for some reason presenting a Spring look in June. The colors used are soft and light and play up a lighter skin tone really well. Although I think it may work with darker skin tones also.

So what is beautiful to you?