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Trip A…Destination West Coast (U.S.A.)

I think most people have heard of a bucket list; just in case you haven’t, it’s a list of things  you want to do before you die. That just sounds so ominous, but in its own way it gets you thinking about all the things you want to do in your life. You also end up reexamining why you aren’t doing these things. Whatever the reason, it can help you reassess what you’ve been doing and what you need to do so that you can realign it with what you want to do. This was all a long introduction to one of the dreams of what I would like to do, which is travel. I would like to see the world and try new things, a great deal of these new things is related to my desire to try new foods.

My first thought is to explore local destination, which is ongoing and quite fun. I then expanded the idea to traveling around the good old U.S.A. As a kid we traveled cross-country and have also been to Yosemite, I’ve lived on the East Coast and visited to lovely Canada. As an adult I’ve also driven to Las Vegas a few times as well as New Mexico. I have either driven or flown to all of these places, but I have yet to take the train. My best friend has suggested that we one day take the Coast Starlight Route on Amtrak which takes you from Los Angeles California to Seattle Washington. The benefit to riding the rails is that you can watch the scenery, the downfall is that you really can’t stop and look around. For that you would need to purchase each destination separately. But I think for a change of pace it may be a nice trip, just to view the coast line and ride the rails. It is a 35 hour trip though, so I think I should try a starter trip, somewhere close…maybe Santa Barbara, wine country is always nice.

Now, I know I am not the only one with a travel bug. Yesterday Pervisha and I were discussing our travel dreams. We also thought that doing it as a group would be nice also.  We talked about seeing new places in Asia and trying out our language skills, I think my language dictionary would be of good use. I think it would be also nice to go to Europe, I have a few friends there. There are so many other places to see and visit. Who’s with  us?