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Trip B…London Bound!!!!

Leg two of what I am going to call “The Friendship Tour.” Yeah, I know it sounds a bit corny, but I it’s supposed to be cute. But it’s not locked in stone, so I am open to suggestions. OK, on to the important bit, the next trip on our agenda London. Our friend Vix said come to London, and that sounded like a fabulous idea. Ever since I was a little tyke watching PBS I have been curious about the United Kingdom and London seems like an awesome starter.

Now I think Vix would be better and telling us what places to go, but I thought I would give it a go by looking at the Visit London site to find out what they suggest. So here is their list:

  • Buckingham Palace – maybe we’d get lucky and the Queen will be in…or we can bug the poop out of those guards that aren’t supposed to move.
  • Beer Gardens – who knew there was such a thing? Apparently pubs have out door settings for you to enjoy your beer.
  • Natural History Museum – tons of old stuff…but I think the architecture looks awesome. Actually it reminds me of the Smithsonian. They have a giant squid (it’s dead, everything is dead, if it wasn’t dead it’d be a zoo…ooooooh is there a zoo?) It also looks like there are quite a few other types of museums, if anyone likes museums.
  • Art Galleries – quite a few of these too, from the Tate (Modern and Britain) to National (Gallery and Portrait Gallery) and all in between. You can have your vintage old school work(s) or you can go for your modern works. It’s all there.
  • SHOPPING – squeal, now this is my sort of activity (*sigh* I am superficial after all…) I have heard from folks who have visited and lived there how great the shopping is. But since I am not so familiar I am going to have to rely on others. I’ve heard folks mention this high street, and honestly I don’t know what it is. Is it lower end pricing clothes? I wikied it and it made even less sense. I want to think it’s like downtown LA in the fashion district (lots of clothes for sale, cheaply priced as it is where they are manufactured) or the California Market Center which is in downtown LA also, where designers show their goods to buyers (once a month it goes on sale to the public). Is it like that? I think it would be fun to go to Selfridges and Harrods.
  • Eating out – here it seems like there is an endless array of options. I think we just go with whatever we want. I think we should have the English Afternoon Tea, perhaps at The Ritz?

Hmm…this trip is starting to sound expensive. One other thing that I would love to do is visit the Borough  Market. I’ve seen it featured in so many TV programs that I am totally curious, it reminds me a bit of the Farmers Market over by the Grove. I think it would be fun to walk around and get some yummy things.

Here’s my issue with the list so far, it feels a bit generic. These are things that a tourist may do, but I don’t know if we necessarily want to be tourists. For instance I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty even though I’ve lived there and gone back for visits. Usually I enjoy going places the locals would go and maybe a few special occasion places. So I wonder if this the right direction, what say you my friends?