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Naked on the Internet

Funny title right? But this has less to do with physical nakedness and more to do with personal information on the internet. It may be because of all the media coverage of people putting their information on the internet and the dangers that it may hold. Or it could be because of all those years I spent in law enforcement. But I think I may be overly cautious about the information I put out on the information super highway, you never know who is going to see that info and what they will do with it. However, I know I may be paranoid and that paranoia is probably fueled by my over active imagination. Here is what I am wondering, if any of you have the same paranoid fears….curious? Here’s my abbreviated list:

  1. It crossed my mind to post pictures of my home when I had some downtime, but then I had this thought: what if a would be robber gets a hold of it. And if for some reason they can figure out where you live they have a layout of your home, that could be trouble. This fear is probably the outcome of reading a ridiculous amount of police reports (one learns to skim through those things because you’re always in a hurry), reviewing discovery (evidence), and chatting with victims and witnesses.
  2. I also thought of posting a picture, but then I thought that really clinches your identity. I thought of the fact that sometimes I put my silly thoughts and personal beliefs into this blog, usually there isn’t anything that is offensive (I’ve tried to make sure of that) but some people can take anything out of context and derive some sort of negative meaning. I imagined a business relation getting hold of something I’d written, it being misconstrued and affecting our relationship.
  3. I don’t know about you, but I definitely tone down my sense of humor. In person you can try to gauge by someones facial expression, body language, tone, and phrasing how they will respond to something. Online you have a handicap, you just never know if they will understand that you are joking and that it wasn’t meant to be taken literally. Even in person you never know if someone might be a little fickle, laughing one minute taking it the wrong way the next. [I had a personal story here and I just deleted it, I imagined the person involved reading it and having a bee in her bonnet, not that I am friends with her, but you never know] The bottom line is you never know if a person will choose to misunderstand your meaning (I find a lot of people enjoy making themselves the victim, I’d rather not give them that opportunity).
  4. I tend not to (or at least I try not to) put too much personal information on here. And when I do write something about myself it still gives me pause, I wrote a several sentences about that personal incident and deleted the whole thing. I think even if you don’t put their names in your blog, some people would still not want to be written about on your blog. Better to ask their permission and hope that no one in their lives would take offense to it. Man how did this all get so complicated?
  5. I can be opinionated and blunt (not all the time, but I tend to be honest). This makes me worry that something I write will offend people, again you never know when someone will overreact or decide to take something the wrong way. I am better at controlling it on posts, but on comments I think sometimes I hit that comment button before I finish my filtration process. This happened twice, and I thought oh boy this may be trouble. Sometimes I suffer from chronic foot-in-mouth, that’s the thing I hate about wordpress, no takesies-backsies.

We live in this great global world, one of the things I don’t want to do is offend someone. Nor do I want to misrepresent myself. And lastly I don’t want to make myself an easy target for identity theft or theft of any kind. I guess my remedy for those phobias is to write about my environment, attract the types of readers who may enjoy those topics and the discourse that follows. And it has worked for me, I really like the people who I have met from blogging and reading their blogs. Probably my phobias will be conquered or I will find a way to make it more personal without negative repercussions, but I guess that will take time.

So does anyone have any internet phobias? Are they different from mine? It can be said that friendships are based on complimentary neuroses…let’s share our crazies…hehehehe…