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Nail Varnish Swatches…A Turning Point…?


It all started with my discussion with Eugenia from Ommorphia Beauty Bar about a nail polish from my *ahem* collection. I mentioned the discontinued YSL nail varnish (I feel chic just to call it a varnish) #9, which I believe was called Flame (it might have been Orange Flame). I then got it in my head that a picture is better than words, but it depends on the (and I use this term loosely) photographer. Unfortunately I am now realizing that my Sony Cybershot is starting to become a fussy little camper. As of today I noticed the LCD screen is starting to have screen burn, so it’s harder for me to tell the quality of the picture. Sorry Eugenia I gave it a go. The following pictures are not of the quality I would like, and I apologize.

YSL # 9, it's a bit redder than this picture would have you believe...sigh...it's a stunner in person...

OPI's Hawaiian Orchid taken with flash...it's a milky pink and I think flattering on all skin tones, but the pinky reddish blue shimmer isn't shower....grrr....

Here's Hawaiian Orchid again...no flash...with her bottle...weird that I gave it a gender...

Then I started to get a bit more creative...Hawaiian Orchid with some mystery OPI that I got from a beauty supply store finished with a wee Swarovski crystal....in retrospect the flash may have been better to use...grr...again

OPI DS Shimmer...one coat and it looks pretty on the nail...but not in the photo with no flash...note to self must buy new camera...

And OPI DS Shimmer over Do You Lilac It...this is a before and after shot....and if you make it bigger it kind of gives you the feeling that you've just dropped a lot of acid...I get vertigo just watching it....

I think it’s a combination of bad halogen lighting (with flash they look overexposed), my undeveloped photography skills, and not oft used but apparently on its last leg Sony Cybershot. In addition to all my other list of things to acquire a new camera and improved photography skills has moved up a notch in priority (hence the turning point bit). Hmmm….must adjust list accordingly.

Now vexed by this poor attempt, I am determined to make amends and will try this sort of post again, perhaps when the sun is out and about. Darn you crazy earth saving halogen light bulbs!!!! (shakes fists at lamp in cartoonish manner)

***Tried again with flash today….

Here's the whole gang....

4 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Swatches…A Turning Point…?

  1. Oh my….that DS Shimmer is AWESOME!!!! And that last photo really brings it all together! First of all, I don’t think your attempt is bad at all; if the camera is on its last legs, that has nothing to do with the photographer 😉 Secondly, I absolutely love the layering with crystal stone you created….so imaginative & pretty (really wish my nail art skills were half decent…I fail hugely in that department!). The YSL is so vivid, yet creamy….it will make such a hot pedi colour; I can see it now, standing at the shoreline with the water lapping over my feet….looking down and seeing such a summer shade…sighhhhh!! Great post, D…I loved it! (PS: I have added you to my blogroll…something I meant to do a while back!)

    • Coming from you Eugenia that’s such high praise, I really appreciate that. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I have to update mine too, I’m adding you and some other new friends.

      I love the YSL for summer pedis, it is so fun. I wish they hadn’t discontinued it. But they do that to us all the time and I’m almost out too :(. The DS shimmer might be discontinued too, but they have another one that is probably improved. I love those Asian manicures, which is where the idea for the crystal came from. I was doing my nails and saw a little bag of crystal flat backs I had left over from “bedazzling a mirror” (alright not really bedazzeling, just gluing some on to make it festive). But I took it off because I remember some report of all these Asian girls scratching their corneas with their decorations.

      • Ouch! Scratching your cornea for the sake of beauty, is something I’m so NOT into! Glad to hear that you didn’t have any unfortunate mishaps as a result! I totally agree with you about the frustration one experiences when a product we love is discontinued….drives me crazy! On the plus side, with so many brands to choose from now, chances are you might find a great or even better substitute for a beloved item! Meant to ask you before if you have twitter? We could chat that way too! Mine’s ommorphia (duh!)

      • I know, I was just thinking this morning some people go through such pains in the name of beauty, and a lot of times it’s not even worth it. I’m going to look for a dupe for that YSL color, I’ll let you know when I find it, that way you can see something close and maybe it could work for a summer pedi for you.

        I don’t have a twitter account yet. I have been thinking of setting one up, just to see what it’s like. Once I do, I’ll look you up. I heard it’s good for pics, we can text each other pics of possible buys. I probably have to get a new phone though, I downgraded a while back to a really simple one, but I secretly miss all those doohickeys.

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