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The Ghost in the Machine


Having a bit of a ponder...

Yesterday, I was at this lovely Italian Restaurant waiting for my take out order.  It was quite empty as I believe the dinner rush had yet to begin (at least that’s what I hope was the reason). I suppose when one has time to kill their thoughts start to wander and I found that I began to take inventory. The journey began with me pulling out my Kindle to check my e-mail and read a bit.

But looking at my Kindle irked me a bit. Why, you ask. Well, I will tell you why, you see I started noticing the Kindle I bought in December was having issues with its 3G connection. It had started a few months ago. It just lost connection, so I had to set it back to factory settings,  hoping that would resolve all issues. It seemed to be a bit of a patch job, and I put down the thing and paid it no mind. Until the beginning of this month when I realized it lost connection again. The idea of having to do that every time annoyed me, so I contacted Amazon’s Customer Support. They walked me through some possible remedies only to come to the conclusion that the SIM card must have died. So they graciously said they would send me a new one. At this point I am ecstatic, until I got the replacement part and realized that it was a “refurbished Kindle” (AKA used). When I realized, upon receipt last week, that it was used in disgust I put it in the corner until  decided to use it yesterday and realized the back was ajar, and I tried to pop it back it. It didn’t quite fit. I’ve called Amazon again, they said they’d send me another refurbished Kindle. Needless to say I am very disappointed in Amazon, and this is the first case that I have had unsatisfactory results with them. My point was that I bought a new one, paid the premium price and they’re sending me used goods, I would have rather they just fixed my original Kindle (an option not offered by the representative). It’s insult to injury.

I thought of their service versus Apple’s warranty. Now you know the iPod and I are divorced, well I dropped another one, this time my iTouch, screen damaged again. But it’s a few years old, and I did drop it, I know that I contributed to its demise. I am now searching for a more durable brand, one that is perhaps Danielle-proof, if there is such a thing. And here’s where I’m beginning to think that it’s a run of bad luck, my Apple wireless keyboard had been acting funny the last few weeks. I thought the battery cover was just loose, but no, there were ghost keys being pressed, connections lost, false battery reads. The thing was just possessed. I bought it in November so it was still under warranty. It was intermittently acting up, so I wasn’t sure if it would do it for the tech guy, but as if to say “I don’t want to live with this woman anymore, please take me away,” she became fussy with him. But on the plus side, I now have a new wireless keyboard. No problems today. Hopefully it will remain that way.

To cap this story of funky tech karma, my Sony Cybershot LCD screen has decided to putter out on me yesterday. It’s been doing some screen burn, and I’ve noticed the pictures look pixelated (pixellated for those in the UK), so I can’t really tell if the picture is good. It’s a few years old, but I guess I am a believer of things should be built to last (at least a year Amazon people). At the same time it gives me the excuse/opportunity to shop for new toys. Silver lining? Maybe, but I don’t think now is the time to find good deals, we must be patient and find the right product and the right deal. I was thinking of getting a new camera, maybe the little Sony knew and decided to start going south in a preemptive attack. These little gadgets have personalities of their own.

It just struck me how all of a sudden everything can just fall apart at once. But for me that’s when things come together right after, sort of like an ebb and flow. I like to think of it as life’s little harmony. Does anyone else feel like that or have you ever had that sort of experience? Oh and if you were wondering, the dinner was yum. Really good pizza and pasta, oh and the best spumoni I’ve ever had. I want more.


8 thoughts on “The Ghost in the Machine

  1. Technology maniac! Wese nice contrast. Italian restaurant and the giant gadget! so filmy 😛

  2. Technology maniac! Wese nice contrast. Italian restaurant and the giant gadget! so filmy

  3. Wow you haven’t had good luck! Amazon need to sort it out! Glad the meal was good tho 🙂

    • I know, it all just happened all of a sudden. Sometimes I wonder if my mood has a bit of a little black cloud and that may attract little black cloud problems. Aw, I really don’t like that but I wonder if there is some sort of correlation. I hope all that changes soon. No more little rain clouds.

      I just got another refurbished Kindle today. Oh well, I am so tired of this drama already.

  4. It happens, not only in the case of these gadgets but everything in life. These lines are just so true, “It just struck me how all of a sudden everything can just fall apart at once. But for me that’s when things come together right after, sort of like an ebb and flow. I like to think of it as life’s little harmony.”
    and that’s why I refrain myself from becoming a techno savvy person 😉 not very successful in the effort though 😉 Once these gadgets become a part of your life,,its hard to cope up without them then.

    • Well all material things are temporary, that’s the one thing they all have in common I think. Isn’t it something how these little gizmos/gadgets have engrained themselves in our lives? I find I miss them when they aren’t usable. It’s only then that I realize how much I used it.

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