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Daijoubu Daijoubu…. 大丈夫….


Dear Friends,

I know that there are days when we feel a little down, or on some days pretty down. Maybe we feel a little lost, or on some days quite lost. Sometimes we are a little confused, or completely unsure. It happens from time to time, doesn’t it? While we work our way through our problems we can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelmed by it. I have been trying to work my way through life’s little details and at times it’s more of a challenge than others to maintain a positive outlook on things. Then there are some days when I find it just down right impossible to grin and bear it, for Pete’s sake it felt like everything I owned with a battery was determined to commit suicide. That’s when I give myself a little time to be a grumpy little thing. The allotted time frame for this wallowing is strict, while I don’t time it exactly I do have an internal clock which alarms with the following words: now that’s enough you hear!!! It’s a loud determined internal voice, and if I press the snooze on it, an invisible hand comes out and slaps me on my cheeks straight away. Awaken from my moment of misery, and with a sore mental cheek I get a cookie (or some other treat) and a cup of something comforting.

Example of a Cookie: Red Velvet...yum...

I have a philosophy (actually I have a lot of philosophies but this is the applicable one) and that is: life works out the way is was meant to be. It took me a while to realize that. When we’re young we always want our way, and when we can’t have it we feel disappointed, along with other emotions. But with time and experience I realized that it turns out the way it should, that all I can do is put forth my best effort, listen to my heart, hope for the best and be prepared for the alternative outcomes (I was going to say worst, but I don’t think the term is right). Once you let go of any preconceived expectations you won’t be disappointed, you will find that you are just living. There will be surprises, challenges, and the need for creativity as you adapt to arising situations. Once I adjusted my way of thinking I realized that I was the one who created my own disappointment and that I was wasting my time being upset. Now this is to say that I still do create certain expectations, but I try to make them loose enough so I can adapt them as needed. I still do become saddened when things don’t feel right, but I take the time to think about the problem objectively and try to fix it when I can. And I still have my off days, but I’ve learned to forgive myself when this happens.

Lastly is the title of this post. Daijoubu is Japanese (and that’s the kanji for it in case you were wondering). Daijoubu means don’t worry, usually people say it twice, as if to say don’t worry, don’t worry it’s alright. It’s pretty informal, and I am using it as a sentiment. Because sometimes we just need someone to tell us not to worry, that everything is going to work out. It may not be how we wanted, but it will work out and life will go on.

Take us home Bob.

Thinking of you,

Danielle 😀

9 thoughts on “Daijoubu Daijoubu…. 大丈夫….

  1. Hmmm my comment earlier has not appeared! Werid! Loved this post!

    • That’s weird Vix, I just looked in the spam to check that it didn’t go there by accident, and it’s not there.

      Thanks, I was thinking sometimes I need someone to tell me not to worry, not to stress and I thought, you know I bet a lot of folks need that too. I think I’ve been doing it a lot lately, but I do think we’ll be OK.

  2. Great post.

    On the whole not worrying thing. Wish I had done that in regards to reading. Well, I say reading. What I really mean is sitting down/wandering around for about 4 hours while me and my brain had a meltdown. Have to try again next month.

    On the flipside a few days later I learned that some of my work is going to be featured in an internet newsletter for the Richard Brautigan Library which means I may be getting published. Goes around, comes around.

    I think from now on i’ll just listen to what Bob sang on No Woman No Cry “Everythings gonna be alright”.

    And congratulations on the Blog award you received. I meant to say something earlier but forgot.to. Sorry bout that.

    • Congrats on getting published!!! I know you said may, but it sounds like you just have to go through some formalities. You’ve worked so hard towards this, you deserve it. It’s just the first step in a blossoming career. One day I can say I knew you (as much as one blogger to another blogger) when. It really does make me happy to hear that. 😀 😀 😀

      I think it’s nerves, because your reading was really important to you (it would be to me too). I think it’s easier to say than to do sometimes, especially when you’re in a pressure situation. You’re human and most likely it will get easier with experience.

      Oh Bob was such a cool cat, his words tend to calm me, that and the steel drum. I wonder why he didn’t use the steel drums more…

      Thanks for the congrats, these awards are fun. Hey, speaking of which, I am going to add you to my blogroll, hope that’s OK. If it bothers you let me know. 😀

      • The blogroll thing is fine. Pefectly okay with that. Would be quite the honour.

        I know for a fact there will be a link to my work so that’ll be some good exposure for me. I am really happy with this. Its possibly my gretest achievement in this life. Also thanks for all your feedback. It has undoubtedly made me a better writer.

        Yeah. Think a lot of it is to do with self consciousness. I have to rid myself of that thing that realises people are watching you. Like, I dunno, wear a mask or something. See, insane shyness.

        Steel drums do make everything better.

      • Oh that’s good, you’ll get good traffic at your site, plus it will be people that are interested in poetry, good audience. Honestly any way that I can be of help or support I am truly happy to do.

        I think you have to find a way to kind of blank the audience out a bit. You don’t even know how many actors get freaked out by the crowd. One good thing about those lights that sort of blind you when you look out. The other things is when you look out into the audience, just stare at the top of their heads, it’s the gaze that freaks you out. Or if you have a good supportive friend in the audience make eye contact with them. You have to trick yourself into being present in a way that makes it feel like you are in a comfortable environment. You’ll get it in no time.

        There is something unpretentious and fun about the steel drum, makes me want a frothy drink and some jerk chicken. Now to find the jerk chicken….

  3. First off, your cookie looks damn good! I’ve never seen a red velvet cookie!
    Secondly, great sage advice there. The secret to life is to enjoy the passage of time, my husband always says. Not sure where he got this quote. Hmmm… google says it’s James Taylor. That figures!

    • It is girl, it is. I got a box of them at Albertsons, I think you may be able to get them, they’re from Lofthouse cookies and it looks like it’s a mass produced thing. I wasn’t in the mood to bake and they just jumped into my basket, I swear. You should never shop hungry, not only that, but they are so soft and yummy. But I know I can make them better, natural ingredients and all. But this girl doesn’t bake in the summer.

      I love James Taylor, now that man is mellow. It’s crazy that his son has the same voice. I think this is something we all need to remember to enjoy the passage of time. Thanks for reminding me :).

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