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Radio Drama…

When I was but a wee sprout in the eighties, yes eons ago, I used to listen to rebroadcasts on the radio of old radio dramas. Not that we didn’t have a TV, but just that I enjoyed those programs. I think I loved it so much as it was a world where one had to use their imagination and let the sounds create the visual. And the visuals in my young head were spectacular. I think anyone who is going through the creative process may enjoy listening to these programs, it can be exercise in use of imagination. It gives one perspective on a different times and also fuels you with thoughts of what might have been. In case anyone is interested you can listen to the iTunes podcasts, which are free, free is always good, right? Just search for radio drama or here are a couple of links to some which will lead you on your journey:

It is my honest and fervent believe that variety of experience can only benefit our creativity. Maybe you won’t enjoy it, but it’s good to give it a try. Let me know what you think. And if you think of other ways which you’ve found inspiration, let me know that too.


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