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A Day With Flowers…

Hello Friends,

We always have a choice, we can choose to see the beauty of each moment of our lives or we can choose to wallow in misery. If you are a curmudgeon and desire to reform yourself, then yours is an achievable goal. You need only to make that decision to make it your personal mission to see the good in everything. If this work is new to you, then maybe it’s best to start small. Start with something easy, say flowers. Take one day to spend the entire day noticing their beauty. All flowers are beautiful, as that is their sole purpose in life to look and smell beautiful, and will not disappoint you. For inspiration I present the following, it is a bit of a photographic journey of some of the flowers I encountered during my day.  I hope this bouquet of friends brightens your day, and why not listen to the aria Flower Duet?




Don't they just smile and wave to you, wishing that you will have a great day?

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Zoya Freebie Alert…

There’s nothing better than passing along a good deal. So here’s the deal: buy the Zoya Color Lock System and get a free set of nail polishes, use promo code Z22 or Z33 depending on the set you want. I’ve heard good things about the system and the nail polish remover bottle is great, you can refill it with cheaper remover when you run out if you want. The bottle of the remover locks so you won’t spill your remover. C’est genial. Click on the promo picture below to be taken to their site, you have to purchase it through the site. For more information here is the Zoya blog post.