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If Your Monday Isn’t Going As Planned…

Monday mornings can be daunting. You wake up to that horrible little machine, just be thankful he doesn’t run away. Cute idea when you saw it on the internet, so evil when you’re half drunk with sleep.

No seriously he throws himself down off your nightstand and rolls aways so you have to chase after him to turn him off!!!

You then struggle to dress yourself and get some caffeine in you.

So you get into work and you’re the first one there, but why would you put a trash can on your head?

Your day is going along fine enough until you meet up with the copier…

Some days you just need a little Awwww…..thank goodness the internet is here to provide you with an array of cute cat videos. Sometimes I think that’s what it’s there for.

And others days I just laugh and think…how did this guy get to be Governor of California?

But most days, I can’t wait to get home and get cozy.

Reaffirming the idea that the internet was designed to distribute cute kitty videos.

I hope this added a wee bit of brightness to your day 😀