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Nordstrom Anniversary Wish List…


It happens but once a year and has been a tradition with me for a very long time. Towards the end of June I start chomping waiting for the mailman to bring me THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALES CATALOG!!!!!!!!  And today my friends, today was the day I received the catalog along with my access code. So I dutifully went through the hardcopy and then went to work on the online catalog, oh and in store is a whole other animal, you see the buyers pick items that may not be in any of the catalogs. Oh and I love a good presale, they’ve curtained off the area and you just pick your items before and your personal shopper will have them ready for you on the day of the sale or a few days ahead of time. My favorite thing to do is to go to South Coast Plaza first thing in the morning and get my items (they open at 8 for sale day). Oh this is all giving me a good case of the HAPPIES. Yes, yes, I know I’m supposed to stop my evil ways and not spend, and in all likelihood this year will be a light year, but I like to go through the motions nonetheless.

First for me are the handbags/pocketbooks/purses and other assorted goods (normally I allow myself at least one, but the one my heart truly desires is a bit out of reach for now).

Oh how I want her, she is so pretty.

I could go for the baby Marc Jacobs

I thought this Cholé satchel was cute

I don't really know who Olivia Harris is, but I do like this ecru colored bag.



Next I always turn my head towards shoes.

Super Comfortable and an easy shoe to pair with your outfit.

I'm not sure why, but this thing calls to me. But it's sort of borderline ugly, so I am not sure.

Oh oh oh, this Kate Spade reminded me of that shirt from that J. Crew collaboration last season.

I do need a bootie, did I just say that? It just sounds wrong....but I really like this Vince Camuto and the nude color is nice.

Perhaps this Vince Camuto in black flannel?

Or this classic Via Spiga in black leather....hmm....

I could mix it up with this Via Spiga bootie wedge. Thoughts?


Now we leave the land of shoeporn, that was a quickie wasn’t it? On to Make-up….oh how I love make up.

Do I really need more Mac lip products?

I don't think I've even used my Dior Christmas palette more than once. Sigh...

But it's so pretty and blue....sigh...again...

I love sparkles, but in practice it's harder than it seems, I always end up with a giant glitter sticking out when I use Across the Universe. But I am strangely mesmerized.

Oh and if I buy another one in addition to Wallis I get a free Yummy Mummy, which I already have....sigh again, the sighs are getting repetitive.


And lastly to clothes. To be honest I have so much in way of clothes, that I wasn’t feeling to buy anything. I am really glad that the seventies are back this Fall, I can use a change of pace. Maybe I need to go through my wardrobe and do a bit of a cleaning. Hmm….

I have been in a sweater mood lately. On the hunt for a yummy soft but pretty and interesting one. Could this BCBG be it?

Or maybe this little BCBG number...

Oh I love Sunglasses (I refuse to cutely refer to them as sunnies).

These Michael Kors are so 70s, I love them. They remind me of Annie Hall, Diane Keaton was so delightful.

This may sound like an odd thing, but this sale means fall is just around the corner. This is the time when I think of wearing a leather skirt. Not the hooker walk the street leather skirt, but the below the knee leather skirt which requires the above the knee  boot. You know the quintessential fall look.

Hmm…there are so many things listed and I’m not really sure what I want to do, or if I really want any of those things. I only know that I probably don’t need them. So I may just be torturing myself here. I should probably consider the fact that I have other things I want to do, and this may be more of a distraction. But then again, it may be time to overhaul my closet….sigh, the last sigh of this post….


10 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Wish List…

  1. The Marc Jacobs…either one….they are to DIE for!!! And the nude Vince Camuto bootie? I am blown away, I tell you!! As to the makeup…I’ve kept away from the MAC stuff (I could open my own store…that’s how much of their product I have!) but the polishes? YES!!! Phew….I think your happies just transferred over to me…lol!! Great list, by the way!

    • Oh thanks for the feedback. I was hoping a gal pal would voice up so I could make some cuts to the list. I think you’re right the nude bootie is going to be the right choice. I’ve wanted the quilted Marc Jacobs, but right now they’re so out of my budget, that it’s just fantasy (had I the 900 to blow on a bag I would be there, actually any other year I would have, but not this one). I am hoping that later on in the year I can make it up to my inner diva.

      Yay, I’ve transferred the shopping happies. It’s one of the good contagions.

      • If it’s meant to be, you know it’ll happen…have faith mon amie, and that bag will surely one day be yours (it’s practically got your name all over it, for cryin’ out loud!!).

        I just checked….yeah, my bank account didn’t automatically fatten up simply because I wished it so….sigh…..I’ll go back to my shopping daydreams; at least there, I have no spending cap! Lol!!

      • Oh I like that thinking, I hope it is meant to be mine, one day. It does have my name on it too. Oh thanks so much for saying that.

        It really is a shame that they keep sending us these bills after we shop. I think it’s because I keep paying them, and in reality I know it’s because I make them *sigh*. But I do daydream shop too. Me and my fantasy life 😀

  2. How does one get this catalog? I would be drooling over it!
    Everything you chose is so classy! Love it all!

    • I think they send it to their cardholders, but they’ll put you on their mailing list if just ask. They have the best service. If you just want them to send it to you here is their info Nordstrom Contact Page. You can browse their site too, I think they should be making the catalog available online on 7/5. I may just scan the mag and post.

  3. Love the boots, so sexy!

  4. OMG I absolutely love Nordies and I am loving your handbag choices…Great look! You’re going to make me look at the presale items again!! Lol…

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