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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: MAC Cine-Matics


I am in full Nordies Sale Mode, can you tell?

I saw this video for some of the Anniversary Specials and thought it’s good to share. If you’re interested in more of the details of the products they’re down below.


Cine-Matics Makeup Lesson Smokey Eyes


Cine-Matics On Screen Eye Duo and Cine-Matics Triple Feature Lip Bags

M·A·C Cine-Matics 'Smokey Brown' Makeup Lesson (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($101.25 value) Sale $49.50 Limited Edition

Cine-Matics ‘Smokey Brown Makeup Lesson Description: Be a goddess of the cinema! Tempt with three sizzling shadow shades—Showstopper (M), Sable (F) and Retrospeck (L)—Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack (0.14 oz.) and Technakohl Liner in Photogravure, plus a 212 SE Brush to blend, a 275 SE to smudge and step-by-step instructions.

M·A·C Cine-Matics 'Smokey Black' Makeup Lesson (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($101.25 Value) Sale $49.25 Limited Edition

Cine-Matics ‘Smokey Black Makeup Lesson Description: Learn how to smolder! Define the ultimate smoky eye with three sensational shadows—Carbon (M), Ambience (VP) and Bisque (M)—Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack (0.14 oz.) and Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, a 275 SE Brush to smudge, a 212 SE to blend and step-by-step instructions.

M·A·C Cine-Matics 'On-Screen' Pro Palette Eyeshadow Duo (Nordstrom Exclusive) Sale $25.00

‘On-Screen’ Pro Palette Eyeshadow Duo Description: Eyes are twice as tempting with on-screen duos—eight daring pairings that are doubly dramatic in an ultra-slim, stackable, easy-to-use palette. Great for your makeup kit.

  • Double Feature 1: Bright Yellow Gold (VP)/Pinked-Up Chrome Purple (F).
  • Double Feature 2: Bright Lime (VP)/Frosty Deep Grey (F).
  • Double Feature 3: Midtone Teal (M)/Deep Chocolate (S).
  • Double Feature 4: Deep Forest Green (VP)/Midtone Ochre Brown (M).
  • Double Feature 5: Pale Frosty Peach (F)/Dark Brown with Green Pearl (F).
  • Double Feature 6: Light Grey Taupe (M)/Midtone Bronze (VP).
  • Double Feature 7: Bright Fuchsia (F)/Cool Black (S).
  • Double Feature 8: Midtone Orange (F)/Deep Navy (S).

M·A·C Cine-Matics 'Reel Drama' Lip Bag (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($58 Value) Sale $38.00

‘Reel Drama’ Lip Bag Description: Divas know a thing or two about delivering the drama. Succumb to your inner prima donna with Reel Drama Lipstick, Scenestealer Dazzlecreme Lipglass and Softwood Cremestick Liner.

M·A·C Cine-Matics 'Overnight Sensation' Lip Bag (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($58 Value) Sale $38.00

‘Overnight Sensation’ Lip Bag Description: It’s the classic Hollywood story—unknown one day, superstar the next. The Overnight Sensation Lip Bag has three superstar shades for lips, including Pillow Talk Lipstick, Overnight Sensation Dazzlecreme Lipglass and Creamola Cremestick Liner.

M·A·C Cine-Matics 'Nude Scene' Lip Bag (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($58 Value) Sale $38.00

‘Nude Scene’ Lip Bag Description: Pucker up provocatively with three hedonistic hues. Amp up your au naturel allure with Nude Scene Lipstick, Lightly Prancing Dazzlecreme Lip Gloss and Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner.

M·A·C Cine-Matics 'It's A Girl' Lip Bag (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($58 Value) Sale $38.00

‘It’s a Girl’ Lip Bag Description: Ingénues of all ages have everything necessary for big-screen kisses with a tantalizing trio of pinks including Innocence Beware Lipstick, It’s a Girl Dazzlecreme Lipglass and a Crème o’ Spice Cremestick Liner.

M·A·C Cine-Matics Face Brushes (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($112 Value) Sale $49.50

Cine-Matics Face Brushes Description: Touch up your look with a fabulous foursome of short-handled face brushes packed in a stylish grey M·A·C bag with red trim. With Technicolor bristles, these are sure to take your close-ups to the next level.Set includes:- 187 SE Duo Fiber Face Brush.- 190 SE Foundation Brush.- 168 SE Large Angled Contour Brush.- 194 SE Concealer Brush.- Brush bag.

M·A·C Cine-Matics All-Over Brushes (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($120 Value) Sale $49.50

Cine-Matics All-Over Brushes Description: Go from nominee to winner with a star-quality set of short-handled brushes for eyes and face. Packed in a chic zip bag, these five Technicolor talents are musts on red carpets and runways everywhere.Set includes:- 129 SE Powder/Blush Brush.- 227 SE Large Fluff Brush.- 224 SE Tapered Blending Brush.- 219 SE Pencil Brush.- 266 SE Small Angle Brush.- Brush bag.

Personally, I normally pass on the brushes as they sometimes are not made with the same standard of quality in my opinion. But check them out for yourself, they may be better this time around. The packages are normally a good deal. I was hoping the Look in a Box would be included this year as it was done last year, but no such luck. I probably will pass on a lot of it as I have a lot the colors offered. Check your stash before you part with your cash (promise that is going to be my only rhyme). I know I’ve been doing a few Nordies post, in case you were wondering, it’s of my own free will and I have no affiliation aside from adoration (ok, so that was an accidental rhyme, sorry). I’m going to stop chattering now. Happy shopping 😀

5 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: MAC Cine-Matics

  1. Just when I think that I’ve become overly saturated with anything MAC, along you come and post these delicious goodies….darn it girl, you’re making me want to jump back into the MAC bandwagon again! Lol!! Seriously, those coloured brushes are the cutest….just hope their dye is permanent! Love all these exclusives and the tutorials are so helpful…always nice to learn something new, useful and pretty!

    • I know, I did it to myself to start with. I was dead set on not getting MAC this Anniversary Sale, but then I saw that video. It made me take a look at the sets they were offering, and I fell for it hook line and sinker. I rationalized that it was all discounted, so maybe it’s cheaper in the long run to get something. But it has to be something I would use. I was thinking the lipsticks, but I’ve been trying to stay away from buying new lippies because they can turn so quickly. Ugh, the cycle, it’s vicious isn’t it. I wonder about the dyes on the brushes too. I’ve got to go check these things out in person. I’ll try and take pics when I do. My sales rep called for that presale appointment and I dodged the call, I think it’s going to lead to trouble. Poor girl.

  2. I love the videos! I always have difficulty creating the smoky eye look. Because I have Asian eyes, and not deep set like the models, I tend to look punched really easily if I am not careful with blending!!

    • You know I think it’s a combination of technique, product and tools. You need a good densely packed brush so you can control the depth of the shade, and then you need a good blending brush and to get down your technique. Depending on the color and what sort of smokey eye you can do small circular motion to diffuse the color and blend up or that windshield wiper motion to blend it out in a horizontal fashion. And maybe don’t use black, you can do a smokey eye with a beautiful plum, if it has a bit of gold shimmer it looks a bit less punk more girlie. I think that would be a pretty look on your skin tone. But be careful of the color purple, wrong one and bad application makes you look like you just got out of a fight.

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