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Happy Fourth of July!!!!


It’s the birthday of the United States, we used to call it Independence Day (but I don’t think we do so much anymore). I hope you all enjoy your Barbecues and Fireworks.

I think lots of folks will be digging in this sort of goodness

If you’re super hungry

I think I am going to pop my head out to look at Disney’s fireworks 😀

I hope you and your family have a great Fourth 😀

6 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!!!!

  1. You can see the Disney fireworks from your house?! That’s very cool. We can see casino fireworks from our deck. The display was last night.
    Happy 4th!
    I’ve gotta go to the store and get something to grill!!

    • Oh yay, Disney is way too close to me. A lot of kids worked at Disney as a part time job when we were in high school and college. It’s creepy, they have their own way of talking.
      That’s cool that you’re close to Casinos. It’s too hot to cook here, I think I am going to get a predone set of ribs somewhere. I just can’t deal with the grill, and cleaning the grill. I’m no fun huh?

      • You ARE fun! Predone ribs are excellent. We went with hot dogs, chips & beer.
        That is creepy that Disney workers have their own language.

      • Oh that sounds yummy to me. I love hot dogs, my favorite are the Nathans with the natural skin casing. I’ve been trying the new Angus one, and it’s OK, but I still love the original coney dog the best. Give me a Tecate, with a slice of lemon and I am good to go. Oh and chips, yes please. You know every so often I wrap a slice of bacon around the hot dog, it’s good but makes something that is not so great for you even worse, but even better. I don’t do it often though.

  2. Happy belated fourth of july!! I love baby back ribs….mmmm…….

    • You’re right on time my friend. It’s still the Fourth of July here in the States. I’m just thinking about what to do as far as food….hmm….yum….

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