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A Case of the Shopping Happies…


Dear Friends,

For about the last week I have been in Shopping lala-land. For me, the Nordies sale is a fun part of summer. Normally I save a good amount of money and go a little nuts. Unfortunately this year I have to restrain myself from the madness, which I thought would be a little heartbreaking, but turns out was a more liberating. Now, I did not go to all my favorite departments within the store, I just took a peek at some of the clothes and thought, eh it’s alright, but I have better at home. I avoided the shoe department, because I go a bit goofy around leather. I tested my luck in the handbag & accessories department, yet another challenge, my steely grip of self-denial wearing thin. I drooled over some Ray Bans, as my old ones were perched atop my head (yes I know that wears out the screws, but I try to nest it in a way which doesn’t damage it). I sighed as I passed the tiny Marc Jacobs bag, wondering where the big momma was (maybe sold out). As my little fingers grazed the table of wallets I thought, sigh, they all look so pretty. I almost gave in when I saw the kindle cover, but thought no, it’s given you nothing but problems, it doesn’t deserve a pretty home. Then I went to the Beauty section, sigh, now this took some doing to hold me back, but I only ended up with three things. That’s a win in my book. I was almost enticed by the spend $100 in Nars get a mini gift, but it was so small and I really didn’t need another super orgasm blush with trial size highlighter. Oh, and the Dior palette looks so small, for some reason I thought the product sizes would have been more substantial.

I had a really close call with the Deborah Lippmann products, I mean they are so pretty and the quality is so good, but I just ordered one from Zappos (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) and thought better behave. But like a crow I am drawn to sparkly things. I almost buckled when I saw the “get this party started” set, but put it back, I knew I had to settle up and get out of there when I started picking things up randomly just to fondly the packaging and sniff the fragrance. But if you are looking to order online, I can tell you that the pictures you see online are exactly what you can expect. At least on my monitor.

Overall I just enjoyed shopping with my eyes and making it out of there alive. It was touch and go for a minute. The three little things I got made me quite elated. I have been in such a good mood, that I’ve been sharing it with family and even with strangers. I found myself doing little acts of kindness (which I normally do, but for some reason, I felt like a little happy fairy out of control) all over the place. As the day is coming to an end here, I thought I would share a fun little video that may give you the happies.

Please enjoy my friends,


Poor little dude was having a rough day.


4 thoughts on “A Case of the Shopping Happies…

  1. I love your shopping day description, I’m also seduced by pretty, sparkly things! Well done for being restrained 🙂

  2. D, my friend……first of all, that was such an enjoyable post! I congratulate you on your iron will and can’t wait to read all about the 3 items you lovingly purchased. Secondly, that video just made my day!! I love it!

    • It was so hard Eugenia, you know the whole sale aspect is like some sort of shopping trigger. But when I get home I realize how much stuff I have. It’s hard for me to stop the vicious pretty cycle. Oh so many pretty things….
      I’m glad you loved the video, who couldn’t use a good chuckle 😀

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