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Nordstrom Anniversary Presale Goodies…

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I popped my head into Nordstrom to do my Annual Norstrom Anniversary Presale purchases. I was actually going to satiate the curiosity, less with the intention of spending. There were many things that tempted me, but I decided to resist. Oh how that was a challenge, my heart is still be tugged by some of those little products. But perhaps this will make me stronger. I ended up only getting three things. Yay for me!!!

I feel in love with this soft pinky peachy nude. It applied a little streaky the first coat, but with the second coat it had a nicer smooth finish. I think it may be because I was standing trying to put it on and of course this was done on natural naked nails. It’s limited edition, and according to the sales girl once their sold out they won’t replenish. Which only goes back to the earlier discussion of limited edition and the frustration factor. I think it’s the sort of color that will look good on any skin tone, one of those safe bet colors.

Nars Vestale Nail Polish (limited edition) photo with flash

Nars Vestale Nail Polish (limited edition) without flash

The other items that I got my anxious little paws on were the Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Cremes in Mochachino and Midnight Kohl. Last two they had in stock. Apparently Estee Lauder has not send them a new batch since in a while. I am not really understanding this. Something has to be amiss, I know that when they revamped the line last year it was hard to get items, but it’s been a couple of months, what is wrong with distribution. And I got the free gift, it worked out perfectly.

Estee Lauder Creme Eyeshadow in Mochachino and Midnight Kohl

The absolute truth is that I wish I could have bought more, but know that it would have been ridiculous to do so for so many reasons. But if you have a Nordstrom card, get thee to the presale, just incase they don’t replenish, you don’t want to be the only one without your desired product. Oh and for the lovely Eugenia, the Lippmanns were so pretty, but I didn’t see Butter London’s Wallis, I am not sure why though.

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